#TogetherAgain: Lufthansa begins campaign for flights to the US

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In the US, the demand for air travel is recovering, and US domestic flights are already in high demand again. There are also signs that entry restrictions for vaccinated travelers in Europe may soon relax.

For this reason, Lufthansa has launched its #TogetherAgain marketing campaign in the USA: “With this campaign, which focuses on meetings and the community, Lufthansa addresses the fact that we can finally get closerSays Carsten Hoffmann, head of Lufthansa Brand Experience.

The campaign tells stories about the "Out of Home" reunion in just a few words and yet emotional. Families can get together, friends can hug, business people and partners can meet again. And, of course, everyone at Lufthansa is looking forward to welcoming more guests from around the world on board the planes again.

An Airbus A350 received a special "Lufthansa & you" livery, being an ambassador plane that started flying at the end of June. The plane named "Braunschweig" also plays a major role in the Lufthansa commercial.

Another major role is played by the Lufthansa Orchestra, which was founded in early 2011. It includes Lufthansa employees from a wide range of departments. The approximately 40 members of the orchestra sing an adaptation of the song "Peer Gynt Suite" in a hangar and send "Braunschweig" on their journey around the world.

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