TOP 10 airports in Romania, after passenger traffic in 2019

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Passenger air traffic is increasing at airports in Romania. The most obvious airport is the Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest. But let's see what the numbers are on the other airports in the country.

According to the latest reports presented by AAR, the airports in Romania were crossed by about 23 million passengers. Compared to 2018, growth is just over 6%. A modest growth, but all growth is :).

Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport (Otopeni), the largest in the country, had 2019 million passengers in 14,7, up 6,3% on the previous year. And the first 5 airports in Romania totaled 21 million passengers. We speak here from Otopeni (Bucharest), Cluj, TimisoaraIasi and Sibiu. But let's see TOP 10 airports in Romania, after the passenger traffic of 2019.

TOP 10 airports in Romania in 2019

The table below was posted on, one of the few aviation forums in Romania.

AIRPORTPax 2018Pax 2019Evolution (%)
Evolutionary Val. Absolute (pax)
0TOTAL Pax RO21.858.72423.234.5806,29%1.375.856
9TARG MUREȘ63.794179.066181%115.272
10CONSTANTA129.235127.302-1,50%- 1.933

And under the 10th position we have airports from: Oradea, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Arad, Tuzla, Baneasa and Tulcea. There are small airports, which do not really matter in the air passenger traffic equation. The airport in Oradea registered the largest percentage decrease between 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, the airport in Oradea did not reach the 100 passenger terminal and the trend is decreasing.

Of 17 airports, 13 were on the plus side and 4 on the minus. That's what we have, with this we scroll.

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