TOP 10 air routes in the world with the highest incomes recorded by the airlines

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Airlines develop operational networks with local, regional and international coverage. I open many routes depending on market demand, but also depending on regional and seasonal opportunities.

But all these operational decisions are made based on financial analysis. The decisions are also influenced by the company fleet or by various other socio-political interests. But the money is the basis.

OAG, an organization in the United Kingdom that provides information from the world of aviation and travel, has made a top of the most profitable air routes in the world, based on the revenues recorded by the airlines.

Over $ 1 billion route: London Heathrow - New York JFK operated by British Airways

Between April 2018 and March 2019, the OAG analyzed the revenues of the airlines according to the routes operated. Thus, British Airways has the most cost-effective route in the world. It generates $ 1.15 billion annually and is London Heathrow - New York JFK. In fact, it is the only route in the world with revenues of over $ 1 billion.

British Airways operates up to 7 daily flights on the London Heathrow - New York JFK route, and 30% of the seats sold are in First Class and Business Class. Thus, this route ended up producing over 1.15 billion dollars annually, counting a lot on ticket prices and fare classes.

For example, Virgin Atlantic flies up to 6 times a day on the London Heathrow - New York JFK route, but has only 10% of the seats in the upper classes. Thus, the route operated by Virgin Atlantic does not bring enough revenue to facilitate the entry into the top 10 cost-effective routes.

TOP 10 air routes in the world with the highest incomes

  1. British Airways: New York JFK - London Heathrow: 1.15 billion dollars
  2. Qantas Airways: Melbourne - Sydney, $ 861 million
  3. Emirates: London Heathrow - Dubai, $ 796 million
  4. Singapore Airlines: London Heathrow - Singapore, $ 736 million
  5. United Airlines: San Francisco - Newark, $ 689 million
  6. American Airlines: Los Angeles LAX - New York JFK, $ 662 million
  7. Qatar Airways: London Heathrow - Doha, $ 639 million
  8. Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong - London Heathrow, $ 605 million
  9. Singapore Airlines: Sydney - Singapore, $ 550 million
  10. Air Canada: Vancouver - Toronto Pearson, $ 541 million

As you can see, flying to London Heathrow is very cost effective. We do not know how profitable it is, but the routes bring considerable revenue to the airline accounting. Are long-haul flights profitable? They can be very cost effective if properly operated.

Another conclusion comes from the airlines found in this top. As you can see, they are full-service, long-haul airline carriers with a long tradition in the back. Which shows us that low-cost operators do not exert real pressure on the long-haul.

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