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TOP 10 airports by number of flights registered in 2020.

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Cirium, A Smarter Way to Travel, analyzes the aeronautical industry and monitors what happens in them times of COVID-19. In a report issued in early January 2021, Cirium revealed some interesting figures on what happened in aviation in 2020. First of all, we must mention that, globally, the number of commercial flights decreased by 42% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions imposed in 2020 have changed aviation rankings. We have a "top 10 airlines by number of flights registered in 2020”Totally different from 2019. Neither ranking of countries it did not escape without notable changes.

Also based on the figures provided by Cirium, we were able to achieve a "Top 10 airports by number of flights registered in 2020", which looks like this.

Position 2020CodCountryNumber of flights in 2020Position 20192020 vs. 2019
1ATLAtlanta USA260 thousand2- 40%
2DfwDallas SUA235 thousand3- 30%
3ORDChicago USA234 thousand1- 46%
4THEDenver USA202 thousand5- 32%
5CLTCharlotte USA182 thousand7- 32%
6CANGuangzhou CHINA165 thousand13- 28%
7LAXLos Angeles USA156 thousand4- 50%
8CTUChengdu CHINA148 thousand37- 16%
9SZXShenzhen CHINA139 thousand42- 16%
10SEASeattle USA137 thousand18- 36%

As can be seen, airports in the United States and China dominate this ranking. It is NOT surprising if we also look at the ranking by countries and airlines.

London Heathrow, which was the 9th busiest airport in 2019, is now ranked 31st, with the number of flights recorded falling by 61%.

In Europe, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was the busiest airport, with air operations down 57% in 2020 compared to 2019. Globally, Amsterdam Airport ranks 27th.

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