TOP 10 airports in Europe after passenger air traffic recorded in 2019

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Commercial aviation is growing every year. More and more travelers choose the plane to travel from one city to another, from one country to another or across continents. The plane is the safest means of transport and the fastest, but also comfortable. Depending on geopolitical conflicts or economic developments, air traffic fluctuates.

At European level, passenger air traffic increased in 2019. Most major airports in Europe registered more passengers compared to 2018, but the growth is modest. As a percentage, the increases in the TOP 10 were between 0.9% and 9.0%.

TOP 10 airports in Europe

In the standings we have an exception and we are talking about Istanbul Airport here. We remind you that The new Istanbul airport was opened on October 29, 2018, replacing the old Ataturk airport. And 2019 was the first full year for Istanbul Airport. Passed by 52,578,008 passengers, an increase of 55126.1% compared to 2018.

In today's article I present a top 10 of the airports in Europe according to the number of passengers registered in 2019. The top 3 remains unchanged: London - Heathrow (80 884 310 passengers); Paris - Charles de Gaulle (76 150 007 passengers); Amsterdam - Schiphol (71 707 144 passengers).

AIRPORTPax 2018Pax 2019Evolution (%)
Evolutionary Val. Absolute (pax)
0TOTALPAX535.649.351607.208.35813,3% 71.559.007
1London - Heathrow80,100,311 80,884,3101%783,999
2Paris - Charles de Gaulle72,229,72376,150,0075,40%3,920,284
3Amsterdam - Schiphol71,053,15771,707,1440,9%653,987
4Frankfurt am Main69,510,26970,556,0721,5%1,045,803
5Madrid - Barajas57,891,34061,734,0376,6%3,842,697
6Barcelona – El Prat50,172,45752,686,3145%2,513,857
7Istanbul Airport 95,20552,578,00855126.1%52,482,803
8Moscow - Sheremetyevo45,348,15049,438,5459%4,090,395
9Munich Airport46,253,62047,941,3483,6%1,687,728
10London - Gatwick 46,081,327 46,574,786 1,1% 493,459

According to our ranking, Henri Coanda International Airport - Bucharest is on the 43rd position, with 14 707 376 passengers.

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