Top 10 airports with the most beautiful approaches

On April 25, PrivateFly published the top of the 10 airports with the most beautiful approaches.

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PrivateFly, the private jet booking platform, conducted a survey on the most beautiful approaches. The 122 of airports included recorded approximately 8000 of votes. Of these, the 10 airports with the most beautiful approaches were chosen.

The most beautiful approaches

The ranking includes known or lesser known airports, some are for daily commercial flights, others are small airports, which cannot receive large capacity aircraft.


1. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport Approach - Saba, Netherlands Antilles. Rocks, ocean and a unique experience when landing on the 400 runway meters from the Caribbean airport. This airport has the shortest commercial runway in the world. The pilots are additionally trained to be able to operate landings / take-offs in complete solitude at SABA.

2. The approach of Donegal Airport, Ireland. You can experience a wonderful, amazing, wild and dramatic landing in Donegal.

3. Côte d'Azur Airport Approach, Nice. The podium is completed by the wonderful view of Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. The Mediterranean turquoise in combination with the greatness of the Alps placed Nice airport on the 3rd position in the PrivateFly ranking.

The top of the 10 airports with the most beautiful approaches is completed by:

4. Gibraltar Airport
5. Queenstown Airport, New Zealand
6. London City Airport, UK
7. Saint Martin-Princess Juliana Airport, Netherlands Antilles
8. Orlando-Melbourne Airport, Florida, United States of America
9. Barra Airport, Scotland, United Kingdom
10 Toronto-Billy Bishop Airport, Canada

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