TOP 10 longest flights in the world (March 2018)

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25.03.2018 Update: We've come up with an update on the longest distance ranking. Qantas has inaugurated the Perth - London route. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft travels the 14 498 km in approximately 17 hours.

787-9-Boeing Dreamliner-Qantas

After the distance, this route enters the 2 place after Auckland International Airport (AKL) - Doha International Airport (DOH) and the 14526 miles.


Update 17.10.2016: We have a ranking update. At this moment, the longest flight in the world is operated by Qatar Airways, on the route Auckland International Airport (AKL) - Doha International Airport (DOH). The distance from NO THOUSANDS is covered by Boeing 777-200LR aircraft.


The list of the longest flights in the world is updated every year. For many, flying by plane is not too enjoyable and even less comfortable. But for aviation enthusiasts, flying by plane means "home." After analyzing the longest flights in terms of time, it's time to publish a top of the longest flights in terms of distance.

2. Auckland - Dubai: 14193 kilometers


The second longest flight in the world is operated on the route Auckland - Dubai. It measures 2 miles / 8819 14 kilometers. It is honored by Emirates with a Boeing 193-777LR. The distance is covered in 200 hours and 17 minutes.

3. Dallas / Fort Worth - Sydney: 13802 kilometers


Until March 2016, the Dallas / Fort Worth - Sydney route was the longest in the world. The distance between the 2 destinations measures 8576 miles / 13802 kilometers. Qantas Airways operates flights on this route with Airbus A380.

4. San Francisco - Singapore: 13575 kilometers


On the 4th place we have San Francisco - Singapore, the distance between the 2 destinations being 8435 miles / 13575 kilometers. United Airlines operates flights on this route with Boeing 787-9.

5. Atlanta - Johannesburg: 13573 kilometers


Outside the podium, but very close to 4th place, we have Atlanta - Johannesburg. The distance between the 2 destinations measures 8434 miles / 13573 kilometers. The airline is also from the United States, Delta Air Lines operating flights with Boeing 777-200LR.

6. Abu Dhabi - Los Angeles: 13478 kilometers


In the middle of the ranking we have Abu Dhabi - Los Angeles with 8375 miles / 13478 kilometers. The flights are operated by Etihad Airways, which uses Boeing 777-200LR aircraft.

7. Dubai - Los Angeles: 13395 kilometers


The 7th place also flies to Los Angeles, but from Dubai. The distance between the 2 cities measures 8323 miles / 13395 kilometers. The flights are operated by Emirates, on board the largest passenger plane - Airbus A380.

8. Jeddah - Los Angeles: 13385 miles


8th place is occupied by Jeddah - Los Angeles, with 8 miles / 317 kilometers. Saudi Arabian Airlines operates flights with Boeing 13385-777ER.

9. Doha - Los Angeles: 13341 kilometers


In the 9 place we have Doha-Los Angeles with 8290 miles / 13341 kilometers. Qatar Airways honors flights with Boeing 777-300ER.

10. Dubai - Houston: 13118 kilometers


Dubai - Houston came in 10th place with 8151 miles / 13118 kilometers. Emirates flies to Houston with Airbus A380, since December 2014.

11. Abu Dhabi - San Francisco: 13103 kilometers


We end the ranking with Abu Dhabi - San Francisco and 8142 miles / 13103 kilometers. Etihad Airways flies on this route with the Boeing 777-200LR.

If you want to fly as much as possible, consider this ranking.

  1. Dan says

    about how many pilots and co-pilots plus auxiliary personnel you should have for: Auckland - Dubai: 14193 kilometers.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      We are interested and we will come back with the correct answer. As far as we know, we work with 2 teams… on the flight

  2. and says

    if you still gave the type of aircraft to operate, why not put the correct picture? twin-engine engines at distances of 13.000 km?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, long and very long distance twin engines. Boeing 787, Airbus A350, Boeing 777… these are twin-engine aircraft approved for long and very long distances.

      From 2018, Singapore Airlines will operate the longest flight in the world with a twin-engine Airbus A350ULR.

    2. Sorin Rusi says

      The aircraft in the pictures are correct. With them the flights mentioned in the article are operated!

  3. Nic says

    With what aircraft is the first-place flight operated?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Correct! Looks like I didn't mention it. Boeing 777-200LR is the longest used aircraft!

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