Top 10 largest Boeing 777 fleets (Photo / Video)

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Boeing 777 is preferred by many airlines, but also by aviation enthusiasts. Statistically speaking, it is the safest aircraft in series production and in commercial service. It is a wide-body aircraft, with two engines and dedicated to long-haul flights. Can carry between 314 and 451 passengers.


Commonly called the "Triple Seven", it is easy to recognize: the perfect circular fuselage, a set of six wheels on each axle of the landing gear (3 pairs of wheels on the axle) and comes equipped with the largest civil aviation engines. , these being from GE90 family developed by General Electric. This type of aircraft holds the current record of autonomy for commercial aircraft: 17.450 km without power.

The Boeing 777 family of aircraft includes the 777-200, 777-200ER, 777-200LR, 777-300 and 777-300ER, as well as the 777 Freighter for cargo. We updated the Boeing 777 aircraft fleet rankings.

Emirates has the largest fleet of Boeing 777s

1. It is first and not surprising at all Emirates: 155 of Boeing 777 aircraft in commercial service and 50 on order. Emirates has the entire Boeing 777 range in the fleet.

Boeing_777-21H-LR, _Emirates

2. United Airlines has 93 of Boeing 777 aircraft in the fleet (19 x Boeing 777-200; 55 x Boeing 777-200ER).

United_Airlines_B777-200ER (N227UA)

3. Air France has the largest Boeing 777 fleet in Europe. Operates 70 aircraft.


4. Cathay Pacific has 68 Boeing 777 aircraft in operational service.


5. American Airlines operates 67 777 aircraft.


6. British Airways has the second largest Boeing 777 fleet in Europe. 58 operates B777 aircraft.


7. Korean Air: 56 Boeing 777 aircraft in operational service.


8. All Nippon Airways has 55 B777 aircraft in the fleet.


10. Qatar Airways: 44 Boeing 777 aircraft in commercial service.


9. Singapore Airlines: 40 Boeing 777 aircraft in operational service.

Singapore_Airlines_Boeing_777_ (9V-SWQ)

That being said, we are waiting for you pictures with Boeing 777 :).

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