TOP 10 European airlines with the most canceled flights in the summer season 2022

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Lufthansa Airline, Germany's air carrier, has the highest share of canceled flights for the summer of 2022, with 3,69% of scheduled flights being canceled during this period.

A new analysis of European airlines affected by summer cancellations has been carried out by Mabrian Technologies, a leading travel data analysis and Tourist Intelligence company. It listed the top ten airlines in Europe that canceled most of their flights during the summer months.

According to the analysis, taking into account the top ten European airlines with the most canceled flights between July 17, 2022 and August 30, 2022, it appears that there were a total of more than 9.000 canceled flights, which means approximately 2% of all scheduled flights by the 10 airlines.

List of airlines with the most canceled flights in the summer season 2022:

  1. Lufthansa Airlines – 3,69 – 2.521 flights cancelled
  2. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) – 3,4% – 812 flights cancelled
  3. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – 2,64% – 628 flights cancelled
  4. Eurowings – 2,47% – 835 flights cancelled
  5. Tap Air Portugal – 2,01% – 379 flights cancelled
  6. British Airways – 1,79% – 755 flights cancelled
  7. Wizz Air – 1,61 – 591 flights cancelled
  8. Easy Jet – 1,34% – 1482 flights cancelled
  9. Air France – 1,23% – 561 flights cancelled
  10. Vueling – 0,84% ​​– 417 flights cancelled

As you can see, we have a lot Wizz canceled flights, but well below other top airlines in Europe. As can be seen, Lufthansa was the airline with the most canceled flights in the summer season. For canceled Lufthansa flights, but also for all other flights additional compensation and compensation can be requested. Depending on the flight and the disruptive factors, you may be entitled to compensation of up to 600 EURO.

If you fly on EU territory or from the EU to other non-EU destinations (regardless of whether the flight is operated by a company inside or outside the EU), you are also entitled to financial compensation of up to €600. These compensations are set according to the distance:

  • 250 euros for flights under 1500 km – regional and domestic flights
  • 400 euros for flights between 1500-3500 km
  • 600 euros for flights over 3500 km (with a delay of at least 4 hours)
  • 300 euros for flights over 3500 km (with a delay between 3 and 4 hours)

Claim your rights under the law air passenger rights in the EU even for charter flights affected by cancellations or delays.

Despite threats of strike action by flight staff, Ryanair canceled just 0,5% of its total scheduled flights, ranking 14th.

Commenting on the report, Mabrian Business Development Director Anna Borduzha said that flight cancellations are one of the main reasons for traveler dissatisfaction in the summer of 2022, urging companies and tourist destinations to work together on forecasts for 2023 to avoid such situations unpleasant.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many airlines and airports laid off their staff in 2020, which turned out to be a real problem for them after air travel started to recover due to the mass vaccination of the world's population.

The remaining staff have struggled to cope with the high volume of travelers this summer, leading to numerous strikes, grievances and threats of a total shutdown. All this affected the operational schedule of the airlines and inevitably thousands of flights were canceled or delayed.

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