fbpx TOP 10 destinations in Europe where I would like to travel in 2021.

TOP 10 destinations in Europe where I would like to travel in 2021.

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In 2020 it was impossible for me to go on vacation, but that did not stop me from making a list of destinations that I would like to visit, or revisit, next year.

So, I present to you a Top 10 of the destinations in Europe that I will visit in 2021… at least that's what I intend :).

10. London

London is my favorite city, the city I dreamed I would live in at some point. I'm fascinated by history, I'm fascinated by building architecture and I love British literature (Jane Austen is my favorite writer).

I put it in 10th place just for the simple fact that I visited it countless times, but I'm still not tired of the beauties that the capital of Great Britain offers. I like to visit the city every year, it has become a habit for me, even if only for a few days, just enough to feel the atmosphere.


CAREFUL!!! As of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom is outside the EU. The new regime of visas and travel conditions for Romanians in the United Kingdom.

9 Vienna

As a child, my favorite drawings were with Princess Sissi. I was in love with what I saw there, not knowing what the harsh reality of the yard was, in fact. At the same time, I promised myself that I would one day visit the Schönbrunn Palace, to really follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria.

Years later, when I discovered the beauty of travel, I set out to visit as many places in this life as possible. Vienna has thus reached the short list of cities you must visit in 2021.

Let's do a recapitulation of the flights from Romania to Vienna. Wizz Air will fly from Bucureşti (5 weekly flights since March 28, 2021), Cluj-Napoca (2 weekly flights from 1 March 2021), Constanta (2 weekly flights from March 28, 2021) and Suceava (2 weekly flights from February 18). Ryanair will fly from Bucureşti to Vienna, daily from March 28. TAROM and Austrian Airlines flies on the route Bucharest - Vienna.

8. Lisbon

The capital of Portugal enjoys its tourists with warm summers that last until September, with sunny springs and mild autumns and winters, but quite unpredictable.

More and more people are talking about Lisbon as one of the most beautiful European capitals. The truth is that there are enough reasons and you know what it's like: if it weren't for it, it wouldn't be told. We planned - more or less seriously - to get to Lisbon as soon as possible. When you really want something, the universe makes that wish not come true.

So Lisbon has reached the list of cities I want to visit in 2021.


7. Moscow

Winter in Moscow is a Russian fairy tale: beautiful parks, squares and churches covered with fluffy snow, bright decorations that shine on the streets. I'm not afraid of the cold temperature because I know for sure that I will take care to take a thick jacket, warm clothes and waterproof shoes.

In Moscow there are many sights, all different and special. Moscow is one of the largest European capitals, which is exceptionally beautiful and fascinating. Also here, there are many remnants of imperial Moscow and Soviet architecture, culture and history.

For a history buff who loves to read about the Romanov family, I think it's the perfect city.

6. Amsterdam

I had the opportunity to walk the streets of Amsterdam for 4 days. A spectacular city with castles, gardens and parks, bridges and canals, terraces and many shops for shopping, perfect for a city break, with many sights and nightlife.

I enjoyed wandering the narrow streets and listening to music on my headphones while enjoying the wonderful French fries, enjoying a coffee in front of the Rijksmuseum, taking a boat ride on the canal and sitting in the shade of a tree in Vondelpark and read a book.

4 days were not enough for this wonderful city, so I plan to pay him another visit as soon as possible.


5. Oslo

KNOW those Christmas movies where does he take her to a nice place where they will admire the landscape? Eh, in one of those movies, I saw the aurora borealis for the first time.

There are not many cities where we can admire this wonder, there are only certain times of the year when we can do that, and the city of Oslo is among them. This, in addition to all the wonderful sights we can visit in the Norwegian capital.

4. Belfast

One of those moments when you decide to visit a country or a city after seeing a nice movie or series? That's how it was with me in Belfast, after watching the series "The Fall".

Great Britain has a special charm for me, I am fascinated by the dialects of each country (although I can't say I understand Welsh), the landscapes are wonderful, and the cities are full of history.


3. Stockholm

When I first arrived in Sweden 4 years ago, I had the impression that I had arrived in a parallel universe and I immediately fell in love. Although they are characterized as having a cold behavior, I did not feel this.

I was lucky to be in a small coastal town (Helsingborg) at Christmas time and was able to enjoy local customs leisurely. What I appreciated about them is the fact that everyone speaks English (universal in all Nordic countries) and they can communicate very easily with tourists.

Returning to Stockholm, the city was declared "The most beautiful city in the world" a few years ago. I set out to be on the short list of cities I plan to visit next year.

2. Edinburgh, Inverness and the Scottish Highlands

Honestly, I don't know how Great Britain can have so many beautiful cities (and Romania is a beautiful country too, only we kind of make fun of it). If until now a city from England and one from Ireland were on the list, now we are talking about the beautiful Scotland.

In my free time, when I don't write articles or work, I like to read (yes, I wanted more time to read and the year 2020 gave me plenty of free time). I learned more about Edinburgh and Inverness when I started reading Diana Gabaldon's novels in would be Outlander (know that it is also a wonderful series on Netflix).

Somehow, the new places I discover come through reading. I visited many cities after reading Dan Brown's works and will continue to read to open new horizons.


1. Warsaw and Auschwitz

After visiting Prague - which is a beautiful city, my friends told me that it looks a lot like Warsaw, so I added another city to the list, although Warsaw is just a stop on the way to Auschwitz.

Yes, it is probably not a holiday destination that many have chosen, but I set out to understand history (at least in part) and try to tell it to others, so that we do not repeat the horrors of the past.

I could probably tell you hours about Auschiwtz or recommend dozens of books on the subject. However, I think I will best understand the feeling when I am there. I don't know what my reaction will be at that moment, but maybe I'll tell you later.


We hope you enjoy our recommendations and may be inspired by them when choosing the next destination for your much desired vacation.

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