TOP 10 largest airlines in the world in 2022!

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Airlines play a crucial role in transporting passengers and cargo across different geographies. Every year, billions of passengers choose the plane as their main means of transport when they need to move from one city to another, from one country to another or to another continent. Operating both frequent and charter flights, airlines are recognized by Air Operating Certificates issued by government aviation bodies.

The largest airlines in the world

Until the 1930s, many airlines were privately owned. Between 1940 and 1980 the governments of many countries decided to invest in this industry and this is how most commercial airlines were born. After the mid-1980s, the privatization or transformation of airlines began in order to evolve and reach today. We have a list of the oldest airlines in the world which still flies today!

When it comes to the world's largest airlines in 2022, it's hard to come up with a ranking. The size of airlines can be calculated by the size of their fleets, by the number of passengers carried, by the number of routes operated and many other criteria. In this context, we take as a benchmark the information provided by OAG and present to you 10 of the largest airlines in the world.

The basic criterion is represented by the number of flights operated in June 2022, after 2 years of the pandemic and with an economic crisis generated by a hateful war.

10 Turkish Airlines

The total number of departures made by Turkish Airlines in June 2022 is 42.713. This is the national airline of Turkey that flies to around 331 destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Turkish Airlines serves the most destinations from a single airport than any other airline in the world. Turkish Airlines fleet size is 374 planes.

09. Indigo

Indigo operated 49.759 flights in June 2022 and is the ninth largest airline operator in the world. This is a low-cost airline group based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. As per statistics collected in October 2021, Indigo operates more than 1.500 daily flights to more than 71 domestic and 25 international destinations. Indigo has around 53,5% domestic market share in India. It is the fourth largest low-cost carrier in Asia in terms of fleet size and number of passengers carried.

08. easyJet

According to statistics published on OAG, Easyjet operated 50.665 flights in June 2022 and is the eighth largest airline in the world today. Based at London Luton Airport, Easyjet is a British multinational airline group specializing in low-cost air services. This airline operates flights to around 1.000 destinations in over 30 countries. The size of the fleet is 324 aircraft.

07. China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines operated as of June 2022 only 54.186 flights, making it the seventh largest airline in the world. In China, it is the second largest carrier after China Southern Airlines. The carrier's fleet consists of 600 aircraft, flying to more than 248 destinations. It should be noted that there are still COVID-19 restrictions in China.

06. China Southern Airlines

The world's sixth largest airline, China Southern Airlines, completed 60.337 flight services in June 2022. It is the largest airline operator in China, headquartered in Baiyun in Guangdong Province. The carrier's fleet size is 642 aircraft, flying to 216 destinations.


Ryanair, the world's fifth largest airline, operated 86.961 flights in June 2022. The Ireland-based ultra-low-cost airline operates mainly from its bases in Dublin and London Stansted airports. It is Ireland's largest airline and is the largest airline in Europe in terms of the number of passengers carried. On a typical day, Ryanair carries the most international passengers of any other airline in the world. The airline's fleet size is 511 aircraft and the number of destinations it covers is 225.

04 southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, the largest low-cost airline in the US and the world, operated 113.876 flights as of June 2022. The airline operates around 4.000 daily flights supported by a fleet of 735 aircraft. The number of destinations it covers is 121.

03. United airlines

Considered the third largest airline operator in 2022, United Airlines operated 127.516 flights in June 2022. United is one of the major US airlines headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. After merging with Continental Airlines in 2010, it became the third largest airline in the world in terms of number of routes and fleet size. United has a fleet of 839 aircraft and flies to 342 destinations.

02. Delta air lines

Delta Airlines, the world's second largest airline, operated 137.682 flight services as of June 2022. Delta is among the world's oldest airlines still in operation. Together with its regional affiliates such as Delta Connection, Delta Airlines operates around 5.400 flights per day to more than 325 destinations in 52 countries, spread over six continents. This airline has approximately 83.000 employees and a fleet of approximately 877 aircraft.

01. American Airlines

American Airlines operated 174.465 flight services in June 2022 and it is the world's largest air carrier in terms of fleet size and number of passengers carried. Together with its affiliates and regional partners, the company operates more than 6.800 flights per day to approximately 350 destinations worldwide, spread over 50 countries. In 2021, the company had 123.400 employees. In 2022, American Airlines is the world's largest operator of commercial flights with a fleet of 911 aircraft, from Boeing to Airbus, and an increase of 161 aircraft is planned.

With that said, enjoy your flights!

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