Top 10 the busiest routes in the world in 2017

We are starting a series of articles on 2017. International aviation organizations are beginning to announce reports on air traffic recorded last year. Thus we found out which were the busiest air routes in the world, which were the longest domestic and international flights and many other useful information for those who are passionate about airplanes and flights!

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Based on the information provided by OAG (Official Aviation Guide Of The Airways), we present the busiest routes in the world in 2017.

Top 10 the busiest air routes in the world

Jeju-Seoul, South Korea: 64 991 flights per year
Melbourne-Sydney, Australia: 54 519 flights per year
Mumbai-Delhi, India: 47 462 flights per year
Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda, Japan: 42 835 flights per year
Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo Congonhas, Brazil: 39 325 flights per year
Sapporo-Tokyo, Japan: 38 389 flights per year
Los Angeles-San Francisco, USA: 34 897 flights per year
Brisbane-Sydney, Australia: 33 765 flights per year
Cape Town-Johannesburg, South Africa: 31 914 flights per year
Beijing-Shanghai, China: 30 029 flights per year

As you can see, the busiest domestic route is in South Korea. Annually, 64991 flights link Seoul to Jeju, a well-known tourist island.

Jeju Province or Jeju-do (officially Jeju Special Autonomous Province) is one of the 9 provinces of South Korea. The province is located on the largest island that belongs to South Korea, being known by Europeans as Quelpart.

The island is located in the Strait of Korea, southwest of South Jeolla Province, part of it until it became a separate province in 1946. The provincial capital is the city of Jeju.

Top 10 the busiest international air routes in the world

Hong Kong-Taipei: 29 494 flights per year
Kuala Lumpur-Singapore: 29 383 flights per year
Jakarta-Singapore: 26 872 flights per year
Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur: 20 890 flights per year
Hong Kong-Shanghai: 20 818 flights per year
New York La Guardia-Toronto: 17 116 flights per year
Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon: 16 366 flights per year
Beijing-Hong Kong: 14 592 flights per year
Dublin-London Heathrow: 14 556 flights per year
Bangkok-Singapore: 14.455 flights per year

At the top of the very busy international routes, we also have one from Europe: Dublin-London Heathrow with 14.556 annual flights. On the North American continent, the busiest route is New York La Guardia-Toronto. The rest are from the Asian area.

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