TOP 10: Passenger traffic at Romanian airports, in November 2020

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The year 2020 reset aviation to the level of the 2000s. If we look at the numbers, that's where we are. We can summarize this year as follows: tens of thousands of planes on the ground, millions of canceled flights, travel restrictions, closed borders.

And if we look at the figures recorded by airports, the decrease is somewhere around 80% globally. When it comes to airports in Romania, the decrease is even greater, towards 90%. Below I will present you some official figures regarding the air passenger traffic registered at the Romanian airports, in November 2020.

  • Henri Coanda Airport - Otopeni, Bucharest - 173 passengers
  • Avram Iancu Airport - Cluj-Napoca - 28 passengers
  • Airport Iaşi - 12 passengers
  • Traian Vuia Airport - Timisoaraa - 11 passengers
  • George Enescu Airport - Bacau - 6 passengers
  • Airport Sibiu - 4 passengers
  • Stefan Cel Mare Airport - Suceava - 3 passengers
  • Airport Craiova - 3 passengers
  • Airport Oradea city - 2878 passengers
  • Airport Constanta - 2 148

And to give you an idea of ​​how big the decrease is, we mention that Henri Coandă - Otopeni Airport, Bucharest registered approximately 1 million passengers in November 2019. Every day, Romania's main airport was transited by over 34 passengers. Unfortunately, in 000, only 2020-6000 passengers cross its daily threshold.

ACI EUROPE (Airports Council International Europe) announced that due to the crisis that followed COVID-19 pandemic, close 200 European airports are in danger of going bankrupt if the number of passengers does not increase by the end of the year.

But given the pandemic situation and all the restrictions imposed by European countries, we have little chance of seeing a substantial increase in the number of passengers in December. Let's hope that 2021 will be better and with a little more freedom for international travel.

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