TOP 20 the busiest domestic routes in the world, by number of flights (2018-2019)

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OAG (Official Aviation Guide Of The Airways), an air travel organization in Great Britain, published the report of the busiest routes in the world, according to the number of flights. The report was made on the basis of data collected between March 2018 and February 2019.

OAG monitors the activity of over 900 of airlines and 4000 of airports.

According to the OAG report, the busiest domestic route is Jeju - Seoul with about 80 flights a year. 7 airlines operate approximately 215 daily flights. It follows that approximately 10 flights are operated per hour. Every approximately 6 minutes, a plane takes off on the route Jeju - Alone.

The 20 ranking routes are operated in 13 different countries, on all continents except Europe.

TOP 20 the busiest domestic routes in the world


Indonesia has the most crowded routes in the ranking, 3 in number, but they are not the most crowded.

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