TOP 5 circuits with the plane that you do not miss in 2016

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In addition to the passion for airplanes, we also have the passion for travel. We like to fly a lot, being an important segment in our travels. This is why we want to explore and discover as many wonderful places around the world.

When it comes to holidays, we always choose flexible circuits, stays or city breaks and with many opportunities to walk to as many destinations as possible. We seek to discover the local culture, the architecture, to enjoy the culinary traditions and we like to stroll through the old city centers. After all, each one with his passions and insanities :).

2016 being the beginning, I looked for the offers for this year's circuits. Bavaria Tour is a travel agency we have been working with for 2 years and we recommend it without any restrictions. They have good and varied offers, as well as the offer on 2016 circuit it is very vast. Do you want to travel to Cuba, the United States, Japan, Africa or Europe?

We were tempted by many interesting circuits, and below we published a top AirlinesTravel that I hardly realized. We chose the circuits by plane, that is they have a component that involves flights, but the trips are made by bus, train or other local means of transport.

Circuit Italy / Cote d Azur (click for details)

If you want to discover the beauty of Italy, this is a circuit to do. The itinerary includes visits to Monaco (Formula 1 race route), San Remo and Cinque Terre (Cinque Terre National Park), plus the major cities of Rome and Milan and many other beautiful areas. You won't have time to get bored.

Cinque Terre
Photo: / Cinque Terre

It flies Bucharest - Venice with Wizz Air and Rome - Bucharest with Blue Air. You have 11 days to roam Italy. Do you speak italian

Circuit England, Scotland and Wales (click for details)

Our dream is to discover the beauty of Scotland, but also England beyond London. This tour includes visits to the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, the extreme north of Scotland, Loch Ness, London, Windsor, Oxford, Liverpool, Cambridge. Is the Loch Ness monster saying what? The program includes visits to the medieval castles and Scotch Whiskey Center. After 2 whiskey glasses, the castles no longer matter :). If you wish, you can also visit Stonehenge with the famous stones of the Neolithic monument.

Photo: Wikipedia / Loch-Ness Lake

It flies from Bucharest to London with Blue Air. There will be 11 days full of history, art and architecture. And on the way back, we are waiting for you to tell us your impressions of the Scottish landscapes.

Circuit of the Nordic Countries (click for details)

Countries in the Scandinavian region are worth seeing for landscapes. The tour includes visits on the route: Stockholm, Karlstad, Lillehammer, Dombas, Golden Route, Geirenger, Stryn, Briksdal Glacier, Sognefjord, Bergen, Hardanger Fjord, Gol, Oslo, Copenhagen. There will be 11 days with intense program in the Nordic Countries. Try reindeer meat and you may be lucky for the Aurora borealis.

Photo: Wikipedia / Hardanger Fjord

The flights will be operated by KLM on the route Bucharest - Amsterdam - Stockholm and return Copenhagen - Amsterdam - Bucharest.

Circuit in the Azores (click for details)

If you want something more exotic, but not to miss the beautiful scenery and adrenaline, we recommend the circuit in the Azores. In the program you have a sea trip to observe the whales and dolphins (if it stays with you). In the 10 days of the tour, you arrive in Terceira Island, Faial Island, Pico Island, Sao Miguel Island, Lagoa Do Fogo, Furnas, Sete Cidades, Pineapple Plantations, Ponta Delgada, Lisbon. You really have to visit!

Photo: / Seven Cities Sao Miguel

Another nice aspect of this circuit is the flights by plane. There will be many:

- continental transport by plane on the routes: Bucharest - Munich - Lisbon and Lisbon - Frankfurt - Bucharest, with Lufthansa flights;
- transport by plane on domestic routes: Lisbon - Terceira Island and Sao Miguel Island - Lisbon, with TAP Portugal flights;
- transport by plane on domestic routes: Terceira Island - Faial Island and Faial Island - Sao Miguel Island, with Sata International and Sata Air Acores flights.

Cuba Circuit (click for details)

I finally left something more special. Cuba Circuit for 15 days. I think I have all heard of Fidel Castro's controversial Cuba, Cuban cigars, Havana and vintage cars. If you want to discover Cuba as it has been presented to us so far, now you have to go. It is possible that in the coming years we will see Cuba differently, much modernized.

Photo: / Cars in Cuba

The circuit includes visits to Havana, Baracoa, Santiago De Cuba, Camaguey, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cayo Santa Maria. Flights are by Air France on the route Bucharest - Paris - Havana and return.

The circuits are dynamic and involve a lot of movement and movement from one place to another. It is not comfortable for everyone to know that every night he will sleep in another hotel, in another destination. But the circuits offer the advantage of discovering as many story places in a relatively short time and you really don't get bored. If our recommendations have stirred up your ride, do not hesitate to get in touch Bavaria Tour team.

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