Top 5 cheapest airlines in the world

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Until 5 years ago, an airplane flight was considered a luxury service. At least for Romanians, the costs were too high, often a ticket exceeding the minimum wage in the economy.

The situation is not exactly rosy now, but things are moving for the better. Now you can fly at decent costs through low-cost airlines.

The Spanish portal analyzed low-cost airlines, based on the price of tickets and reservations from 2011, and made a ranking. It took into account the price for each 100 miles traveled (160 km) plus all taxes included.

So below are the top 5 cheapest airlines in the world:
- Jetstar Pacific - Vietnam - with a fare of 8,55 euros for every 100 miles
- Monarch - Great Britain - with a fare of 9,62 euros for every 100 miles
- Blue Air - Romania - with a fare of 10,43 euros for every 100 miles
- Air Arabia - United Arab Emirates - with a fare of 10,61 euros per 100 miles
- Jetstar Asia - Singapore - with 10,91 euros for 100 miles

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