Top 5 best-selling GDS routes in 2018

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The project is approaching 7 years ago, during which time I wrote thousands of articles on aviation and tourism. I published different ones tops in aviation, rankings on airports and airlines, even on the busiest routes.

But we were not able to publish real information on the number of passengers carried by the airlines on one route or on the market shares related to each route. Each state what he wants, in percentage or numeric.

Travelport Competitive Insights

Travelport, known in the past as a global distribution system (GDS), has aligned with the latest trends in travel and offers a whole range of technology solutions for the global tourism industry.

Thus, it provides all players in tourism with access to a platform that provides integrated travel service distribution solutions (airline tickets, hotel reservations, rent a car, etc.), as well as digital and payment solutions for travel agencies. I am convinced that most of you already know them.

But since information is the key to success in any field, beyond the booking platform, Travelport offers access to travel agencies and a business intelligence solution called Travelport Competitive Insights.

It is a unique tool in the tourism industry, extremely useful for anyone working in this field. It consolidates passenger booking data from all distribution systems (GDSs) and provides travel agencies with statistics, indicators and trends on which to make business decisions.  

To understand what it's all about, Travelport has given me access to a profile account set up for all countries, with real global information about what's happening in one of the world's largest industries, and I'm glad to be able to play them you too.

Top 5 best selling air routes

That's how I found out which are the best selling routes through GDS in 2018.

  1. Mumbai - New Delhi by 0.46% - market share
  2. Melbourne - Sydney by 0.28% - market share
  3. Hong Kong - Taipei by 0.25% - market share
  4. Bangalore - New Delhi by 0.22% - market share
  5. Bangalore - Mumbai by 0.18% - market share

Together, the 5 routes account for 1.39% of the entire airlines market sold through GDSs. It is a very high percentage, considering that these systems mediate transactions on millions of routes.

Travelport Competitive Insights is an excellent tool for travel agencies with a primary focus on selling air tickets and for those who have plans to expand in several markets. 

I could hardly find this solution and my mind was running on all kinds of marketing and analytics connections. As an agency, you can follow the trends on different air routes and implement your sales campaigns according to them.

Contact Travelport Competitive Insights

Most importantly, it seems to me that you can analyze how much you represent as an agency on an air route or how much your sales represent for an airline. Having this information, you can, based on the figures provided by Travelport Competitive Insights, negotiate with the air carriers, with your partners, etc.

I will come back with much more information about this product with statistics provided by Travelport in another article. Those interested in how to access information about the Romanian market, or even other markets, can contact Travelport by email at [email protected] or they can directly access the Travelport Competitive Insights product website.

By the way, did you know that AMerican Airlines is the largest airline in the world and in terms of sales through GDS? It has a market share of 7%.

NOTE: Travelport Competitive Insights includes information from all distribution systems. The figures only include reservations made through GDSs. Note that it does not analyze bookings made through other channels, such as some low-cost ones, which do not distribute through global distribution systems.

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