Top 5 curiosities in the world of civil aviation

Top 5 curiosities in the world of civil aviation valid at 9 January 2015 (video)

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From childhood, aviation "gave me" wings. I was fascinated by airplanes, airports, this moving world and I loved being in the clouds. For about 3 years, Airlines Travel comes with fresh information from this domain. We write about airlines, airplanes, airports and many more related to the aviation industry.

In this article I come up with 5 curiosities from the world of civil aviation. I have analyzed some individually, others I have not yet started, but it is never too late.

Raluca managed to centralize some interesting information from the world of aviation, which you can follow in the material below.

In addition to the information mentioned above, I would like to add another 5 curiosities and add some additions.

1. You knew that The oldest airport in the world is College Park in Maryland, USA? The airport was built in 1908 and inaugurated in August 1909. Initially it was used as a military airport, and from December 1911 it was also opened to civilian aircraft.

2. You knew that the first airline in the world, certified and licensed, was DELAG - Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft? It was founded on 16 November 1909 and operated aircraft manufactured by Zeppelin Corporation. The headquarters were in Frankfurt.

3. You knew that American Airlines has the largest fleet of aircraft, their number reaching 971 after taking over US Airways? In 2013, the American Airlines group transported 193.7 million passengers to the 340 destinations in the network.

4. You knew that The busiest and busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport? In 2013, the airport in Atlanta was transited by 94,430,785 passengers, with 1.1% less compared to 2012. He also retained his position as leader in 2014, being transacted by 72,199,400 passengers between January and September.

5. Did you know that in the world there are 41,821 airports, and in Romania there are 16 civil airports, 7 military and 26 aerodromes? “Aurel Vlaicu” Baneasa International Airport is considered the oldest in Romania, Eastern Europe and among the first 5 in the world. This is where CFRNA (The French - Romanian Company for Air Navigation), the first airline from Romania (the precursor to TAROM) and one of the oldest in the world, was born.

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