Top 5 fastest growing airlines in the world

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2018 was a very good year for the aviation industry. And this was reflected in the air traffic of passengers, in the profit of the industry registered at global level, but also in the accelerated increases of the air carriers.

Routesonline has made a ranking of the fastest growing airlines and we are talking about places available throughout the year 2018. From the figures presented by Routesonline, the low-cost carriers predominate the ranking.

100 was monitored by airlines and the number of seats available throughout the year was taken into account. The basic figures were provided by the OAG Schedules Analyzer.

5. Indigo

Transportation capacity in 2018: 74 570 054 seats
Growth: 24.3%

IndiGo continued to dominate the Indian market, despite the obstacles encountered during the 2018 year. The price of fuel has increased, competition in India has increased, which has been reflected in prices. IndiGO was not an immune company, but it did well and entered the 5 place in the ranking of the fastest growing companies.

The increase in transport capacity was due to the new routes announced, but also due to the increase of the fleet with the newest aircraft, including the first Airbus A321neo.

4. Go Air

Transportation capacity in 2018: 14 720 400 seats
Growth: 24.7%

The Indian low-cost carrier Go Air had an accelerated growth in the first 6 months of the year 2018 and has been constantly evolving the rest of the year. Go Air is based in Mumbai and is part of the Wadia Group conglomerate.

In October, Go Air also started its activity internationally, launching the routes New Delhi - Phuket and Mumbai - Phuket. Both are honored with Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Go Air operates a fleet of 17 x A320-200 and 30 x A320neo. The airline still has 114 A320neo on order, but could convert some to A321neo.


Transport capacity in 2018: 13 573 868
Growth: 26.7%

We open the podium with, the British carrier based in Leeds Bradford, but the largest base is in Manchester. Transportation capacity increased by 26.7% compared to 2017, reaching 13 573 868 seats available. In 2018, has reached a fleet of 90 of 737 and 757 aircraft.

At the same time, in 2018, launched numerous new routes, including: Manchester - Alicante, Manchester - Palma de Mallorca and Manchester - Tenerife South, Birmingham - Budapest and Glasgow - Krakow.

2. Vietjet

Transport capacity in 2018: 20 641 372
Growth: 27.1%

In just 7 years, Vietjet has managed to stand out in Vietnam and gain market share, increasingly eclipsing national carrier Vietnam Airlines. Vietjet, the second carrier in Vietnam, increased transport capacity by 19.9% on domestic routes, and on international routes the increase was 62%.

The busiest routes Vietjet are: Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang - Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang - Hanoi. Currently, the Vietjet fleet has 64 aircraft in the A320 family, and there are still 320 aircraft in the A320 and 737 aircraft families on order.

1. Thai Lion Air

Transport capacity in 2018: 13 577 267
Growth: 40.7%

The largest increase in transport capacity was recorded by Thai Lion Air, a subsidiary of Lion Air in Indonesia. Thai Lion Air is a hybrid company. He turned 5 in December and reached a fleet of 2018 aircraft.

Thai Lion Air is one of the largest airlines in Thailand. It started with domestic flights, later developing international operations. In 2018, the most important routes launched were: Bangkok Don Mueang - Tokyo Narita, Bangkok Don Mueang - Denpasar and Bangkok Don Mueang - Shenzhen.

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