Top 5 extremely demanding trades in aviation

Top 5 aviation trades, extremely demanding

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In this article, we will discuss the top 5 aviation trades! Every aviation job is important and it would be good to be able to put all these main and related activities around an airport / flight / plane first.

Aviation gives the feeling and we enjoy the flights. We feel we have wings and love to float. Most of us fly as passengers and enjoy the services of airlines, in flight and on the ground. We are relaxed and gladly think about the next destination. After all, so should you. We have confidence in the navigating personnel, in the planes, in the crews, in the airlines.

Top 5 aviation trades

But we always get upset when something is not in line with our expectations, when we have a more "hectic" flight, when luggage arrives later at the airport strip, when food is not good, when the plane is late, etc. But how much are we aware of the effort made by those who work in aviation, on the ground or in the plane, and offer them due respect?

Exclusively for readers, Discovery Channel presents a Top 5 aviation trades, which are extremely demanding .

You will see many reports on the activity on Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), but behind the scenes at this Mega Airport you can find more Saturdays, starting at 20: 00, on the Discovery Channel. Related to this top, this is one that we anticipated, so we invite you to discover it below.

Air traffic controller

Those who monitor and guide airplanes, which move in a complex airspace, must be in excellent physical and mental shape. 473.000 take-offs and landings were registered at the Frankfurt airport only in the year 2013, which means that an air traffic controller must simultaneously control dozens of aircrafts, routing them safely through the crowded air, so as to avoid any collision.

The level of concentration required is so high that controllers usually work seven and a half hours with breaks every 90 minutes. In many specialist studies, this job has emerged as the most demanding and stressful in the world. Let's respect them and respect their rights!

Ramp agent

Occasionally, there are situations in Frankfurt Airport where a plane must be picked up and prepared for the next flight in less than 45 minutes from the time it parked at the landing gate.

The ramp agent is the one who has to make sure that each aircraft has been parked, fueled, cleaned, loaded and fully equipped for its next flight - when everything is running against the stopwatch. If the ramp agent does not strictly respect his working time, the plane risks losing its reserved seat on the runway, and the delay can have a devastating "domino effect" for the entire day program.

Every year, worldwide delays cost the airline industry approximately $ 8 billion, while passenger costs reach nearly 17 billion.

Manager of the track restoration team

Like many other airport operations, repair and maintenance work needs to be carried out quickly and safely. The special asphalt of the runways supports the weight of 390 aircraft of tons that land and take off daily, but the maintenance teams have limited intervals during which they can intervene to ensure the necessary quality of these vital surfaces.

A redevelopment and redevelopment project that an ordinary team would complete in five days must be completed in less than five hours on the runways of Frankfurt Airport. And exceeding this time frame is inadmissible!


Being the first to intervene in an emergency at the airport, firefighters from this location should not only know how to rescue civilians from a building in flames, but also how to respond in case of specific accidents in this area - from problems with the tanks. fuel, pipes and discharges of highly flammable substances, up to emergencies on board an aircraft.

It is a job that always keeps them in the socket, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a space that circulates daily over 150 000 of passengers, 600 of airplanes and 14 million liters of fuel.


Passenger safety comes first, forcing pilots to make hundreds of quick decisions, many of which risk becoming deadly. Training for thousands of hours of flight, the pilot's brain is trained to cope with this decision-making process when faced with a huge volume of data, especially at the two crucial moments of any air travel: take-off and landing.

The human factor remains the most vulnerable element of the process, and since the voltage at which the pilots work can be increased by dangerous weather phenomena, mechanical failures or human errors, a wrong decision can at any time become fatal.

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  3. Great Stefan says

    Each of the commented above, has their responsibilities, but as with the technicians who take care of airplanes to take off safely and so on ...

  4. Everything Adrian says

    Good evening if there were no technicians and we would only have buses (airplanes) in the shadow hangar. Thus pilots, ramp agents, firefighters, traffic controllers and especially passengers would be mere spectators watching the planes stored in the hangar.

  5. blue says

    I have heard that the phrase "if it wasn't for us ..." we would have no seasons! )))) who makes a top auction, either has no inspiration to write a good article, or pays attention! in aviation you do not have to be alone and to say that you are the navel of the earth! is a chain, some without others can not! either he flies without a pax, or the controller has no direction if he is not in the air, or the technician grills if he is not the pilot or controller, etc! As beautiful as they are, so demanding are they - each one!

  6. Ionut says

    So the firefighters don't swallow it. At us firefighters do absolutely nothing. They do not even get out of the car to sign the ramp agent ... some fat and figurative. Okay, not all

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