Top 5 punctual airlines in Europe, in 2018

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At the beginning of the year, all kinds of statistics about the previous year appear. I present to you TOP 5 punctual airlines in Europe.

Flight Stats, a website with data on airline flights, has made a ranking on punctuality.

TOP 5 point airlines Europe

  1. KLM - 85.04%
  2. Aeroflot - 82.98%
  3. S7 Airlines - 82.54%
  4. Iberia - 82.35%
  5. Alitalia - 82.27%

The percentage represents how many aircraft arrived on time, with a margin of 15 minutes, out of the total number of flights operated during the whole year 2018.

Globally, the ranking looks different, with Delta Air Lines (86.09%), Qatar Airways (85.88%) and KLM (85.04%) on the top 3 positions.

It is true that each airline operates a number of regular flights, depending on the fleet and the destination network. The ranking can be influenced by many factors.

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