TOP 5 routes globally after 2017 passenger traffic

TOP 5 routes globally after 2017 passenger traffic

IATA and ICAO presented the official figures on 2017. Both organizations estimated a total of 4.1 billion passengers carried on regular flights globally.

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IATA and ICAO presented official statistics on passenger traffic on 2017.

The reports revealed some interesting statistics by regions, according to nationalities. But we can also see the largest airlines globally by the number of passengers carried. At the same time, following these reports we can see top 5 routes according to the number of passengers transported internally and internationally.

TOP 5 domestic routes after passenger traffic

1. Jeju-Seoul Gimpo (13,5 million, up 14,8% compared to 2016)
2. Melbourne Tullamarine-Sydney (7,8 million, up 0,4% over 2016)
3. Fukuoka-Tokyo Haneda (7,6 million, 6,1% increase compared to 2016)
4. Sapporo-Tokyo Haneda (7,4 million, up 4,6% over 2016)
5. Beijing Capital-Shanghai Hongqiao (6,4 million, up 1,9% against 2016)

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TOP 5 international routes after passenger traffic

1. Hong Kong-Taipei Taoyuan (5,4 million, up 1,8% against 2016)
2. Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta-Singapore (3,3 million, up 0,8% against 2016)
3. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi-Hong Kong (3,1 million, 3,5% increase compared to 2016)
4. Kuala Lumpur-Singapore (2,8 million, down by 0,3% against 2016)
5. Hong Kong-Seoul Incheon (2,7 million, down by 2,2% against 2016)

As you can see, the Asia-Pacific region dominates these rankings. No wonder airline operators in this region experienced the largest increase globally, by 10.6% versus 2016.

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