Top 5 cheapest airlines in the world

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Until 5 years ago, an airplane flight was considered a luxury service. At least for Romanians, the costs were too high, often a ticket exceeding the minimum wage in the economy.

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The situation is not exactly rosy now, but things are moving for the better. Now you can fly at decent costs through low-cost airlines.

The Spanish portal analyzed low-cost airlines, based on the price of tickets and reservations from 2011, and made a ranking. It took into account the price for each 100 miles traveled (160 km) plus all taxes included.

So below are the top 5 cheapest airlines in the world:
- Jetstar Pacific - Vietnam - with a fee of 8,55 euros for every 100 miles
- Monarch - United Kingdom - with a tariff of 9,62 euros for every 100 miles
- Blue Air - Romania - with a tariff of 10,43 euros for every 100 miles
- Air Arabia - United Arab Emirates - with a tariff of 10,61 euros for 100 miles
- Jetstar Asia - Singapore - with 10,91 euros for 100 miles

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