TOP 5 the oldest airlines in the world

If we refer to the major events in the development of humanity, we can say that commercial aviation is young. 103 years have passed since the first commercial flight. Below, in the article, you have a ranking of the oldest airlines in the world and still flying.

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If we refer to the major events of humanity, commercial aviation is young. 103 years have passed since the first commercial flight operated by a plane. Officially, the first airline in the world was DELAG - Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft, only that it was flying with Zeppelin balloons, not airplanes. But which was the first airline in the world with airplanes? 🙂

Last days I had a glass of champagne when it was over 99 years since the founding of KLM. At present, we can say that it is the "oldest" airline in the world, which still flies and does very well. But let's see the top of the oldest airlines in the world and still in operational service.

The oldest airlines

1. KLM

Founded on: 7 October 1919
Country: Netherlands
Area code: KL
Company Name: Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (KLM)
Fleet: approximately 200 of aircraft (with Cityhopper subsidiary)


2. Avianca

Founded on: 5 December 1919
Country: Colombia
Indicative: AV
Company Name: Aerovías Nacionales de Colombia (Avianca)
Fleet: About 175 of aircraft


3. Qantas

Founded on: 16 November 1920
Country: Australia
Area code: QF
Company Name: Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd (Qantas)
Fleet: About 130 of aircraft


4. Aeroflot

Founded on: 9 February 1923
Country: Russia
Indicative: SU
Company name: PJSC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines (Aeroflot)
Fleet: About 250 of aircraft


5. Czech Airlines

Founded on: 6 October 1923
Country: Czech Republic
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Company name: České aerolinie
Fleet: approximately 18 aircraft


We can continue the ranking with: Finnair (1 November 1923); Delta Air Lines (30 never 1924); Tajik Air (3 September 1924); Air Serbia (17 June 1927); Iberia (28 June 1927). These airlines still operate flights and have continued to maintain their name since its inception.

Romania's national company - TAROM, appeared under this name in 1954. But the company's foundations have been laid since 1920, with the launch of the carrier CFRNA (French and Romanian Air Navigation Company).

The airline used Potez 15 aircraft built in France for its passenger / email service between Paris and Bucharest through several cities in Central Europe. In 1925, the city of Galați became the first destination in Romania, served by regular flights followed, starting with 24 June 1926, by an extended service in Iasi and Chisinau.

In 1928, the airline changed its name to SNNA (National Air Navigation Service). In 1930, the company adopted the name LARES (Romanian Airlines Exploits the State, Airlines operated by the State), and in 1937 the merger of LARES with the competitor SARTA (Romanian Joint-stock Company for Air Transport) leads to the formation of LARES (Exploited Romanian Airlines) ).

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