TOP 7 Christmas movies filmed in Romania. (video)

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There are a few days left until Christmas. The perfect recipe for a relaxing, family-friendly holiday evening includes a good movie, hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket.

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and for the Christmas holidays, we recommend a list of the most beautiful Christmas movies. And as a bonus, they were filmed in Romania.

1. A Christmas prince

A romantic comedy starring Amber (Rose Mclever), a journalist at the beginning of the road, and Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), the future king of Aldovia. Amber goes to Aldovia, undercover, to write the article of her life. Through a turn of events, he gets to live right at the palace and, thus, to meet Richard with whom he will fall in love with the first arrow (and it's not about Cupid's arrow 😊).

It was filmed in Sinaia, and the Royal Palace in Aldovia is the Peles Castle in Sinaia.

2. A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding (A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding)

One year after the events of the first film, Amber and Richard are still happy. At Christmas, Amber and her father, Rudy, travel to Aldovia to plan their royal wedding.

Amber becomes overwhelmed by royal traditions and protocols and lack of control over her own wedding. Meanwhile, Richard is struggling with the failed implementation of his Aldovia economic revitalization program, the New Aldovia initiative.

3. A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby

Queen Amber and King Richard are preparing for the birth of their first child. Aldovia must also sign the peace treaty with Penglia, a treaty that is signed once every 100 years and dates back to 1419.

When the treaty disappears, peace between the two states is endangered and an ancient curse threatens their family.

4. A princess for Christmas

Jules Daly (Katie McGrath) does her best to create a loving home for her orphaned niece and nephew. When he loses his job and the nanny he had hired, he resigns, on the same day, he receives a mysterious and unexpected invitation. Thus, the 3 spend a royal Christmas with the distant grandfather of the children - the Duke of Castlebury Hall (Roger Moore)! It is a new world for Jules and the 2 children, as they discover the surroundings of the castle.

Jules falls in love with Prince Ashton (Sam Heughan), and the lives of the two begin to change.

"A princess for Christmas" was also filmed at Peles Castle.

5. A royal winter

It is the story of two friends, Sarah and Maggie, who go together on a vacation in Europe, in a dream land, Calpurnia. Sarah wanted as many adventures as possible, while Maggie (Merrit Patterson) wanted peace to figure out what she would do with her life.

One day, Maggie walks alone on the streets of Calpurnia and meets Adrian (Jack Donnelly), a motorcyclist who speeds over her hat and who, little by little, manages to conquer her from the position of a simple citizen.

It's that classic story we're already used to. She meets the charming prince, but without knowing that he is a prince. He conquers her, she falls in love and in the end, by chance, she finds out that he is not everyone, but even the future king who will have the coronation in just a few days.

PS The love story takes place on the streets of Sighișoara: P.

6. Royal heart

Kelly (Cindy Busby) and Hank (James Brolin) inherit the kingdom of Merania. While Kelly convinces her father to take the title, she meets stableman Alex (Andrew Cooper). Hank helps Merania when the neighboring kingdom, Angosia, led by King Nikolas (Lachlan Nieboer), plans to take control of Merania… if Hank does not become king. What is interesting is that Merania actually existed around 1248 AD, during the Roman Empire, being right near the locations where the film was made.

Royal Hearts is filmed in two absolutely beautiful places in Romania. At the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara (which belongs to the exterior of the castle and the inner courtyard) and at the Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni.

7. Crown for Christmas

After being fired from a hotel in New York, where she was a housekeeper, Allie reluctantly agrees to be the nanny of a girl who is part of a strong family in Europe. When she arrives at the castle where the girl lives, Allie finds out that she is Princess Theodora and her father is Maximillian, King of Winshire.

He informs Allie that the princess tends to terrorize the figures of authority, a tendency that became stronger after her mother's death. However, the nanny and the princess quickly become friends, and a spark appears between Allie and Max, although Countess Celia expects to marry the king.

Another secret is that it was filmed at Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni.

For me, Christmas is that magical time of year, where the stories of princes and princesses blend perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate and the lights from the decorated Christmas tree.

We hope you like our recommendations and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, at least in your heart if it will be more difficult physically.

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