Top of the safest airlines to fly with during pandemics (eDreams ranking).

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Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines and All Nippon Airways are the best airlines in the world in terms of safety sandals against COVID-19, according to the study "Best Airlines", conducted every year by eDreams.

The report considered indicators such as the average repayment time, the level of flexibility for changes and cancellations or on-board measures to avoid contagion.

Another novelty was the inclusion of low-cost airlines in this study, along with regular operators. Binter Canarias is the only Spanish airline that appears in the ranking and that stands out for the reliability of the flight schedule and the value for money.

TOP 3 best airlines.

Qatar Airway is the users' favorite airline with 4.4 points out of 5, according to this study. The main strengths are the reimbursement rate, assessed with the highest score and the security measures it applies, in which it obtained 4.4 points.

Follow Delta Air Lines, with 4.11 points obtained in total, 5 points in terms of reimbursements and 5 points in terms of hygiene measures applied. It follows All Nippon Airways, with 4.09 points obtained overall, with 4.9 points in terms of repayment capacity and 4.4 points in terms of security.

To prepare the report, the company surveyed 61.000 passengers and calculated the associated data based on four criteria:

  • Refunds made by each airline and average payment time
  • Reliability or degree of compliance with the flight schedule after the first closure, as well as the level of flexibility offered for changes and cancellations
  • Safety of experience on board, taking into account factors such as the use of a mask or the possibility of contactless check-in
  • General experience, including value for money

Top of the best airlines, depending on the category.

Binter Canarias is the only Spanish airline in the eDreams ranking. It stands out especially by the reliability of the program, obtaining 4.8 points, the highest note. Also, the general experience on board the Binter aircraft, but also the quality-price ratio obtained a score of 4.2. In terms of reimbursement management, the company obtained only 2.9 points, and in terms of security only 2.8 points.

Regarding security of the travel experience, eDreams took into account aspects such as contactless check-in, aircraft capacity, temperature control before boarding, mandatory use of masks, the presence of the hygienic kit on board, disinfection of aircraft before flight or the existence of HEPA air filters.

In addition to the leading airlines, Japan Airlines, Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines scored 4.4 points in this regard.

Lack of proactivity of certain companies when it comes to reimbursement management after the wave of cancellations caused by global health restrictions, has disturbed travelers in recent months.

In terms of reimbursements, Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines and All Nippon Airways, British Airways, Air Baltic and Bangkok Airways scored the highest.

On the other hand, the most reliable airlines In terms of commitment and compliance with the established flight schedule (after the gradual lifting of restrictions) were Binter Canarias (4.8 points), Qatar Airways (4.2 points), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (4.1 points) and Turkish Airlines (4.1 points).

We remind you that Skytrax also organized the top of the safest airlines to fly with during a pandemic.

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