More and more Romanians are renting holiday boats online in Greece and Croatia.

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2021 will be a year of transition from the fateful 2020 to the normal 2022. In the current context of the pandemic with the new coronavirus, tourism and aviation will increase this year, but it will take some time until we return to a "normal" , another pre-covid face.

Given the current restrictions imposed by European countries and globally, we could bet that in 2021 Romanians will opt for holidays in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, a little closer to home, but also to exotic destinations such as the Maldives, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Thailand.

According to a study, the water holidays are in great demand. One of the effects of last year's pandemic and restrictions is the emphasis on preference for family travel or just with close friends, accommodation in rented private villas, caravan or boat holidays.

To meet this market need, has entered into a partnership with Boataround, one of the largest companies for renting yachts and boats of all sizes, offering Romanians access to fish 14.000 yachts and boats.

Sailing season it usually starts in April and lasts until mid-October, depending on the destination. According to the data provided by specialists, the most sought after destinations for this year among Romanians are Greece and Croatia, for which medium boats are rented, with a capacity of 8-10 people. The most requested periods are the summer months, especially June and July.

According to the EBI (European Boating Industry), at European level over 48 million people constantly participate in recreational nautical activities, either boat owners or tourists. More than 6 million boats are kept in European waters.

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