Fewer and fewer Boeing 747 passenger aircraft in operational service.

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As I announced last days, Boeing will produce the last 747 in 2022. After more than 50 years, the production of Jumbo Jet aircraft will stop, but that does not mean that the flights with the "Queen of Heaven" will stop. It's just that fewer and fewer airlines keep the Boeing 747 in their fleets.

According to a report by aeroin.net, there are about 80 Boeing 747 aircraft in commercial service in the world. We are talking here about passenger planes, which do not have special VIP, military or governmental status.

The pandemic with the new coronavirus has generated an unprecedented crisis in the aviation industry. And the airlines have decided to withdraw from operation the largest 4-engine aircraft, including the A380 and B747. The decision came as a result of low sales. Given that people travel less and less, constrained by the decisions of the authorities and the imposed rules, it is natural that large aircraft can no longer find their place in the fleets of air carriers.

British Airways, Corser and Qantas have decided to eliminate the entire fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft. We will probably see such decisions from other companies, but until then to do an x-ray of the active ones.

Fewer and fewer Boeing 747 aircraft

  • Lufthansa became the world's largest operator of the B747, with a fleet of 27 Jumbo Jet aircraft: 19 x Boeing 747-8I and 8 x B747-400. We expect the 8 x 747-400 to be eliminated in the near future.
  • Korean Air continues to operate with 12 Jumbo Jet aircraft: 10 x 747-8I and 2 x 747-400.
  • Asiana it has one more Boeing 747-400. He will probably be retired soon.
  • Rossiya, which belongs to the Aeroflot group, has 9 x B747-400
  • Air China it has 10 more Boeing 747 aircraft: 7 x 747-8I and 3 x 747-400
  • Thai Airways he still has 7 Boeing 747-400s. But economic problems and low demand could help eliminate them from the fleet.

In addition to those listed above, there are several Boeing 747-400 aircraft at leasing or charter companies. Air Atlanta Icelandic holds 4 x 747-400; Atlas Air holds 4 x 747-400; China Airlines still has 4 x 747-400.

The 4 Air747 400-XNUMX aircraft were not registered in this report. They are withdrawn from frequent operational service, but can be reactivated at any time for various special missions.

If you are a fan of 747 aircraft, it would be good to take advantage of them and fly while they are still in operational service. In the next 2-3 years we will see 747 only in the CARGO version.

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