Romanian tour operators come to support tourists with holidays scheduled in Greece. Charter flights and appointments at partner clinics.

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New travel conditions in Greece, announced starting with July 15 for Romanian tourists, determines the tour operating agencies to find quick solutions to come to the aid of tourists with holidays scheduled in Greece and purchased long ago.

They provide alternatives to moving on charter flights, but also benefits in order to perform the necessary tests, through partnerships with private clinics.

Romanian tourists traveling to Greece by land and transiting the open crossing point between Bulgaria and Greece, Kulata-Promachonas, are required from July 15 this year, new preventive measures against COVID-19.

Romanian tour operators come to the aid of tourists with scheduled vacations in Greece

Thus, from this date until July 29, all travelers entering Greece via this border crossing, for non-essential reasons, will have to present a negative molecular test result (PCR) for COVID-19, performed with maximum 72 hours before entering the territory of this state.

The measure applies only to land journeys passing through this customs point. Airline or charter flights are not affected. For these, the measure of random testing on arrival at the destination airport will be maintained.

That is why the Romanian tour operators, with holiday packages scheduled to many accessible land destinations in Greece, were forced by circumstances to take quick measures to come to the aid of passengers.

Charter flights and appointments at partner clinics.

"In the context of the latest measures taken by the Greek Government regarding the travel conditions imposed on Romanian tourists and because there is an increased interest in the northern part of Greece (usually accessible by land), together with the airline of our group - animewings, I made the decision to launch a direct charter flight Bucharest-Thessaloniki. We thus come to meet all our tourists who love Greece, with an easy and fast solution, at minimal costs, subsidized from our own resources.Says Cristian Pandel, owner of Christian Tour.

The recently announced charter flight will be operated by Animawings, and will operate departures every Saturday, starting July 18, 2020. The price of a plane ticket for this flight will be 150 euros / person round trip, all taxes included and will include 2 pieces of luggage, one by hand of maximum 7kg plus another by hold within 20kg.

"We can also provide, upon request, the transfer from the airport to the hotels located in the areas near Thessaloniki, on the Olympus Riviera or in Halkidiki and tourist assistance to the destination, in order to organize local excursions.”Completes Cristian Pandel.

Also, to help customers, tour operators have also entered into partnerships with specialized medical clinics, in order to facilitate the performance of PCR tests, at preferential rates and with priority to programming.

"Given the fact that, gradually, the request for these COVID-19 tests becomes a state of affairs for everyone, in case of trips to certain destinations and areas where the presentation of the negative PCR test is required regardless of the type of transport, we have initialed collaboration agreements. with medical clinics with national coverage, through which our tourists can benefit from special lines for taking samples, at preferential rates. ”, says Pandel.

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