Track your hold baggage with anti-loss systems: Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag!

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What is happening in commercial aviation is no longer a negligible situation, which could be treated on time. Today, most European airlines are facing a shortage of flight attendants. At the same time, major European hubs have ground staffing problems. E chaos in airports!

Were canceled tens of thousands of flights so far, but also for the following summer months. In addition to canceled or delayed flights, there are also problems with hold baggage. Not infrequently, passengers woke up at their destination without their luggage. Instead, images appeared with hundreds of luggage stored in airport lobbies, such as London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle.

The average compensation of airlines for lost or damaged hold baggage is $ 1.525 - $ 3.500, according to the US Air Passenger Rights Act and the Montreal Convention. The problem is that there are situations when the luggage is lost and the passenger never recovers it.

In this context, passengers are beginning to use anti-loss systems, Such as Apple Air Tag for iOS and Galaxy Smart Tag for Android. The devices, which use short-range bluetooth, are allowed in airplanes, with many passengers already flying with gadgets that use similar technology, such as game consoles and headphones.

A British Airways passenger wrote this week on Twitter that her tracker showed that her luggage arrived at London Heathrow, a day after her flight, and has been there for more than 10 days. Last month, a Singapore Airlines passenger used his AirTag to locate and collect his luggage after being stranded at Melbourne airport for a week. And such examples can continue.

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