Normal air traffic at Henri Coanda Bucharest Airport (8 February 2017)

There are no canceled flights at Henri Coanda Airport!

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At the Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest and the Bucharest International Airport in Banel Aurel Vlaicu, the air traffic is conducted in winter conditions.

No flights are canceled at Henri Coanda Airport due to weather conditions. Some flights may have flight delays of up to one hour, determined by defrosting of aircraft.

Normal air traffic at Bucharest airports!

On both airports of the Capital, we constantly intervene with our own machines to maintain the movement surface in optimal conditions. The runways, platforms and running lanes of the aircraft are open and operational, and the conditions for conducting air operations are ensured.

Real-time information on the status of flights at Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest can be found on the page or Departures / Arrivals - Otopeni Airport.

Bucharest National Airport Company recommends that passengers take the necessary steps to arrive at the airport in time.

Photo by Tudor Radulescu!

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