Worldwide passenger traffic increased by 6.2% in June

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IATA - International Air Transport Association announced air traffic figures for June 2012. It appears that globally, passenger traffic increased by 6.2% compared to the same period last year, despite the economic crisis.

International passenger air traffic increased by 7.4% in June compared to the same month in 2011, while domestic passenger traffic increased by 4.1%.

However, this growth is protracted and cannot be said to be "healthy". It was Monday in 2012 when the traffic was declining and the increase in June is attributed to the summer season. The demands were not too strong either. It is possible that this year the passenger traffic will not increase by more than 2% compared to 2011. The transport capacity increased by 4.5%, and the load was on average 81%.

European airlines they registered an increase of 7.3%, well over the month of May when they registered an increase of only 4.3%. Capacity increased by 4.9%, and the average load rating was 82.5%

North American airlines demand increased by 1.6%, but the number of seats was reduced by 0.3%. This resulted in an average load rating of 86.9%.

Something's better airlines in the Middle East, which saw an increase in demand of 18.2%. Upload was 78.6%. Compared to May, passenger air traffic increased by 1.6%, a good growth.

Nor airlines in Latin America I'm not bad. Demand increased by 11,2%, transport capacity increased by 10.2%, but loading was 77.4%.

Operators in Africa they reported an increase in demand with 10.1% and transport capacity increased by 10.6%. Under these conditions, the loading rate was the lowest, only 65%.

There are left Asia-Pacific airline operators. Here the demand increase was only 6%, and the load level was 79,5%.

With regard to freight traffic, in June it increased by only 0.8%, very weak.

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