Trakdot Luggage - no more lost luggage (photo / video)

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

Last day, an acquaintance told me how his luggage was lost after a stopover in Frankfurt. Arriving at the final destination, the friend did not find his suitcase. He began to ask, to search, to be interested in the fate of luggage, but without luck. Nobody knew where the suitcase was, as if it had entered the ground. Look, my friend had to do an urgent shopping session and started his vacation with a bitter taste. The problem is that even after 3-4 days he had not recovered his goods.


Such problems frequently occur in the civil aviation industry. When handling baggage at airports, you may lose some of them. The good part is that they lose very little in relation to the volume of freight rolled. In 2012, an FAA report shows that about 3 baggage was lost to 1000 from handled units.


Trakdot Luggage

Globatrac supports tourists, especially those traveling by plane, and has launched Trakdot, a very interesting gadget that will communicate in real time where the luggage is.


This device has a compact shape and is small so as not to take up too much space in luggage, it works with two AA batteries (be careful not to be Lithium-Ion), it uses GSM networks for communication and GPS systems for geolocation. Although it is always looking for networks and communicates frequently with them, the manufacturer promises a range of up to two weeks if the batteries are new. Okay, I guess it refers to famous batteries and not the traditional "777".

How Trakdot can be used

Trakdot can be used very simply. After purchase, the device must be registered on the website and set a phone number / email address where it must send the information. Always check to have the batteries charged, turn it on and put it in the suitcase, and the gadget will send you location information.


You can track your luggage in real time through the website or through the application. Globatrac will develop applications for iOS and Android.

Trakdot price

The price of a Trakdot is $ 49.99, plus the one-time fee for activating the $ 8.99 account and $ 12.99 for the location / year service. A decent price considering we can help you find your luggage.

Too many I can't communicate. Trakdot will appear on the market from 24 June 2013, but until then you can pre-order. The idea is very good, and the device promises that it will keep us updated with the location of the luggage, regardless of the area in which we travel. I hope to get in possession of a Trakdot and review it.

  1. Master RA says

    I think we complicate ourselves in vain! as you said, very little luggage is lost, compared to the volume of goods, and normally, if everyone does their job correctly, there is NO way of not knowing where the lost luggage is! Not to mention, that's something else…. I also suffered, on the last flight, due to the very short transfer time to Doha, I arrived at my destination without luggage. The next day (with the next flight), my luggage was brought to the hotel with the necessary apologies.
    There is still a problem - at least at this moment - the vast majority of airlines require the shutdown of ALL electronic equipment during takeoffs and landings!

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    The toy will not influence the flight, plus during flight it will enter sleep mode.

    And I think it will be worth the investment for people who fly a lot a year.

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