Transavia canceled 240 flights from Schiphol

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Transavia, a subsidiary of Air France - KLM, announced the cancellation of 240 flights from Schiphol between July 7 and August 14 due to a lack of staff at the airport. The cancellations affect more than 13 Transavia passengers. The airline managed to re-route 000% of the affected passengers on a replacement flight, including changing the airport. 70% of uncovered tickets have been canceled and passengers will receive their money back. 

Prior to canceling flights from Schiphol, Transavia "analyzed the frequency of one-day flights and alternative flights through other airports," the airline said in a statement. "Passengers for whom there was no alternative, will immediately receive a refund of ticket costs or can postpone their trip for a later date, between August 28, 2022 - March 23, 2023." Transavia normally flies 55 times a day from Schiphol, a spokesman said.

Transavia has decided to limit sales for the summer of 2022, thus avoiding disappointments for passengers. "Ticket sales for flights from Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Brussels will remain open, although flights there are filling up quickly."

In recent days, Schiphol Airport has faced heavy congestion and long queues at checkpoints. Last week, Schiphol announced that it is limiting the number of passengers who will transit the airport each day, a 17% reduction in the number of passengers who should have passed through the airport according to the flights already scheduled.

Like other airlines, Transavia has had to reduce the number of seats for passengers departing from Schiphol. The airline is already taking action by August, limiting the effects on passengers.

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