Transfăgărășan 2022: the most beautiful road in Romania will open starting with June 15, 2022!

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Update June 15: On Wednesday, 15.06.2022, starting with 08:00, the road traffic on Transfăgărășan (DN 7C) will be opened, between km 104 + 000 (Piscu Negru) and km 130 + 800 (Cabana Bâlea Cascadă), for all categories of vehicles.

The initial news: Transfăgărășan is one of the most beautiful roads in Romania and even in Europe, which was also confirmed by Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. Transfagarasanul or DN7C is the second highest paved road in Romania after Transalpine, reaching an altitude of 2 meters.

Approximately 8 months of the year, Transfăgărășan is totally or partially closed, which means that only 4 months a year is fully open.

The road is closed for 27 kilometers for 8 months of the year, in winter and spring, due to the danger of avalanches, falling rocks, landslides and other traffic hazards.

Currently in the period October 25, 2021 - June 30, 2022, DN 7C - TRANSFĂGĂRĂŞAN this PARTIALLY CLOSED on the road sector between Piscu Negru - Argeş county (kilometer 104) and Bâlea Cascadă - Sibiu county (kilometer 130,8). The closed portion reopens to traffic starting with July 1 2022.

The road remains OPEN to road traffic all year round in the following areas:
- Jud. Argeş - from Bascov to Piscu Negru (km. 104) - Capra Complex (km. 108); 
- Jud. Sibiu - from the intersection of DN 1 with DN 7C (km. 152) to Cabana Bâlea Cascadă (km. 130,8).

The complete Transfăgărășan 2022 route: Bascov - Curtea de Argeş - Poenari Fortress - Vidraru Dam - Vidraru Lake - Piscu Negru - Capra Chalet - Capra Waterfall - Bâlea Lac - Cârţişoara.

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