Travel bags 40x20x25 / 30 cm for free hand luggage at Wizz Air, RYANAIR

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We all dream of an ideal hand luggage for our travel needs. At the same time, we want to travel as light as possible and, if possible, even fit into the free hand luggage according to the baggage policy established by the low-cost companies.

For example, Wizz Air and RYANAIR accept bags and trolley 40x30x20 cm. They must fit under the front seat For a second handpiece or for trolley 55x40x23 / 55x40x20 (cm) an additional fee is paid and these can be stored in the compartments above the seats.

Under these conditions, we recommend travel bags 40x20x25 / 30 cm for free hand luggage at Wizz Air, RYANAIR. They are roomy enough to take the bare essentials on trips. They are easy to carry on the shoulder or in the hand thanks to the strap or the straps.

This bag model has multiple advantages: it is waterproof, has multiple pockets, can be easily transported individually or on a larger trolley, takes up little space. This bag is popular with passengers who want to travel light without paying extra baggage fees.

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