TravList, the ideal application for travel management

TravList, the ideal application for travel management

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Accent Travel & Events launches the TravList application, developed by the travel agency's technology provider, DCS Plus, available exclusively to its customers. The application will also simplify and facilitate the leisure and business travel of Accent Travel & Events.

TravList works as a travel assistant for each client of the agency, the tourist who downloaded his application with real-time access to information about his flights, travel terminals, hotels, check-in / check-out, weather status at the destination, local time, interactive maps, currency converter, flight change alerts or any other updates available for your trip.

“We want to bring our tourists more value, which is why we decided to launch this useful application for leisure tourists, but also for those who are traveling in the interest of service. Basically, the user does not have to waste time looking for information about his trip, because we offer them up to the smallest details ”, says Lucian Boronea, general manager of Accent Travel & Events.

TravList is integrated into the Accent Travel & Events booking system, thus providing the user with real-time travel information. Once downloaded, the application will generate for each trip of the tourist the name of the destination, the period of the trip, the reserved services (plane, hotel, rent a car, etc.), the temperature at the destination and the time remaining until the beginning of the trip.

The functionalities of the application allow the user to personalize their trip, having the possibility to change the name of the trip, adding a new trip in the calendar, sharing the location and the trip on the social platforms, evaluating the trip, direct contact, by email or telephone of the travel agency. , online checkin, boarding pass scanning. Moreover, the user can opt for his permanent information by Accent Travel & Event, either with reference to special offers personalized on his tourist profile, or with useful information about the destination to which he travels or the chosen airline.

"At the same time, the application creates a tourist profile, allowing us to better understand the preferences of the tourist and, implicitly, to offer packages, trips, as close to its requirements," says Mădălin Măncilă, director of Accent Travel & Events and Traveo development

The total investment of Accent Travel & Events for the TravList application amounted to 25.000 euros, which includes the purchase of the license and the development of the application. The app is available for free on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Accent Travel & Events was launched in 1999 and is one of the largest travel agencies in Romania. Since 2009, the agency has been affiliated with Egencia, part of Expedia, the world's largest tourism group, with sales of over $ 4 billion globally. For the year 2014, Accent Travel & Events recorded a turnover of approximately 10 million.

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