Passing through the control points of the airports and what the passengers carry in their suitcases

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Article written by Maria Vasiliu!

The security check, the one done before embarkation, seems a trivial operation. We all stayed at those endless queues, with all the goods taken out and displayed in boxes, sometimes bare, with trousers in place and the belt on the outside. Passing through checkpoints seems like a boring thing, but necessary for a safe flight. What about the passengers with them?

Security agents have seen them all. Besides weapons, the greatest challenges for them are food and gifts. In general, passengers carry with them all kinds of products, bottles and culinary preparations that they want to bring to their friends / acquaintances / relatives abroad, or simply for their own consumption. And when passing through the checkpoints the fun begins.

Still not familiar with the goods you may or may not take on the plane? Below is a list of the liquids, sprays and gels to be packed and put in the hold baggage. It is important not to exceed the permissible limit.
- blueberry sauce
- cologne
- creamy foods that spread / spread (cheeses, peanut butter, etc.)
- gift baskets containing food (salsa, jams and salad dressings)
- gummy bears
- lotions
- Maple syrup
- oils and vinegars
- perfumes
- salad dressing
- Soup
- wine, liqueur and beer in legal quantities.

You can take pies and cakes with you at checkpoints, but do not be surprised that they will be subjected to further screening. Not infrequently, drugs have been found among walnuts and raisins.

Gifts already packed are not forbidden. However, if the control alarm is activated, you will be able to unpack. I know it is unpleasant, but for the safety of the passengers you do not play and that is the job of security. Everything for flight safety.

If you haven't found out yet, I will let you know that things purchased after you pass the checkpoint, from duty free, have already been pre-scanned and can be flown without any problem.

Do you know what the craziest objects / things people have tried to get on the plane in 2011? Well, let me tell you six of the most interesting facts reported and start with the birds. Under normal control, Los Angeles agents discovered two birds wrapped in socks and grabbed by the leg and chest of a woman traveling to China. The woman seemed too "bulky" in terms of clothing, which attracted the attention of the security and subjected it to a "skin" control. What did the birds use?

The second is the scientific project of a high school student, which was made of metal parts and wires. Agents closed the Omaha checkpoint after seeing the miracle on the X-ray monitor.

The third place is occupied by snakes and turtles. In August, TSA Miami agents caught a man with a 7 - yes! Seven! - snakes hidden in pants. The reptiles were wrapped and folded into the man's panties and pants, along with three small turtles. Do you realize what snake the guy had in his pants? Girls, don't think nonsense! Agents found the reptiles using "imaging technology" (one of those full-body scanners).

Fourth place is occupied by a more special souvenir. One soldier, who was preparing to board and leave the Arizona Airport to go home, thought it would be "nice" to take some small C4 explosive souvenirs to show his family. Next time he can buy a legal souvenir.

In fifth place we have 240 live fish. According to the TSA, "the passenger did not have a bag with a goldfish, but 4 large suitcases filled only with fish and water." Maybe he wanted to make an aquarium at home!

I'm going to end up with the delicious red-velvet cake that the TSA agents in Las Vegas confiscated just before Christmas. Rebecca Haines was hungry and wanted a snack on the plane. The security officer stopped her immediately after she passed the checkpoint, explaining to her that vanilla ice cream cake falls into the "gel-substances" category and is prohibited. "It looked delicious!"

Have a nice trip and take care of what you carry through your luggage!

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