Trends of 2021: last minute bookings and flexible travel dates

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Against the background of changes and travel restrictions imposed on European countries, the end of 2020 was marked by an increased interest of Romanian tourists for exotic countries far away or in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.

According to the latest data recorded by, the search for flights to exotic destinations such as the Maldives, Egypt, Dubai, Zanzibar, Abu Dhabi, Cancun and Punta Cana has increased by up to 400% for some destinations.

One of the most sought after exotic destinations: Zanzibar

The lack of restrictions in exotic destinations, the low number of COVID cases and the measures announced by airports, airlines and resorts have contributed to increasing Romanians' interest in exotic vacations. Thus, according to data, in December and January there were increases of up to 400% for exotic destinations such as Punta Cana, Zanzibar, Cancun, Maldives, but also for destinations in the Gulf of Arabia, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. .

50% higher prices for plane tickets in Dubai in early 2021

The states of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf area have been in recent years a destination sought by Romanians who wanted sun and beach in the winter months. Against the background of the halving of flights to Dubai and the increase in the number of requests for airline tickets, airline ticket prices to Dubai increased by 50% in January, 2021. Thus, if a year ago Romanians paid 287 euros for a plane in Dubai and had 3 airlines available for this trip, this year the average price in January exceeded 430 euros for a plane ticket given that only one airline operated flights to the main travel destination in the Gulf area . According to information, a decrease in air fares to Dubai is expected, with the reintroduction of flights operated by a low cost company starting with February.

"Dubai is without a doubt the most sought after destination in the Gulf area by Romanians. Despite the higher prices than last year, in December over 2000 Romanians traveled to Dubai every week. Starting in February, the main low cost operator will reintroduce flights to Dubai and we expect a drop in price to close to last year's level. At the same time, starting with January, a large low cost operator will resume flights to Abu Dhabi and we expect an increase in demand for this destination as well, ”said Claudia Tocilă, Marketing Director of

The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the most sought after European beach destinations

For Romanians who prefer paradisiacal beaches closer to home, the islands of Spain were a viable option during the winter. Thus, Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca are among the first choices of Romanians looking for a sunny holiday in Europe during this period. Prices start at 115 euros / person. Only here it should be mentioned that Spain is on Romania's yellow list, which means isolation at home for 14 days for all those traveling from Spain.

Refundable rates for exotic travel and COVID insurance

Romanians who want to travel during this period, can opt for a travel insurance that will reimburse them 90% of the value of the plane ticket, if they can no longer travel. Through "Vola Rambursabil", the money will be reimbursed for any documentable reason, including due to illness with COVID-19.

Passengers are also covered if they become ill with COVID-19 during the trip or any other medical reasons, by insuring "Vola Medical". Romanians who opt for this insurance will have covered the expenses for diagnosis, isolation, treatment or hospitalization.

Trends of 2021: last minute bookings and flexible travel dates

"In the bookings made by Romanian tourists, there are already some trends for the beginning of 2021. For example, we can already say that last minute bookings predominate, 3-7 days before the trip. For remote destinations, the travel period has increased to a minimum of 10 days or even two weeks, unlike previous years when Romanians preferred to have more vacations and shorter duration.”, Added Claudia Tocila, Marketing Director of

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