CFR Călători trains will travel more slowly on days with hot outside temperatures!

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In the context of warnings of heatwave and heightened thermal discomfort, issued for this period by the National Meteorological Administration, CFR Călători is making sustained efforts to keep in circulation all rolling stock units constructively equipped with air conditioning installations.

The entire fleet of railway vehicles is checked from a technical point of view - functionally before leaving for the race, to avoid breakdowns along the way. In order to keep the air-conditioning installations in operation, additional measures have been arranged for the maintenance of the air-conditioning installations in the revisions of the wagons that make up the train sets, as well as the accompanying of wagon electricians in certain time intervals, when there are heat waves or other weather phenomena summer specific extremes.

However, on days with scorching outside temperatures (often even above 50-55 degrees C in the sun) that are registered at the level of the rail and the box of the rolling stock, but also due to the opening of the windows along the way, the air conditioning installations risk can no longer provide cooling and operate in ventilation mode.

Under the conditions of using the entire fleet of technical rolling stock available, especially on the routes with the highest traffic requests, in order to have a predictability of the transport demand and in order to adapt the transport capacity to the number of seats requested, CFR Călători recommends passengers to plan their journey in advance, to use all the trains made available in the schedule of a day's traffic and to procure their travel IDs in advance, using all the available channels in this regard.

Tickets can be purchased 30 days in advance, using the following sales channels:

  • online from;
  • from the mobile application “CFR Passengers train trains and online tickets” (available in Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery);
  • from station vending machines;
  • from the ticket offices in the stations, CFR Călători travel agents and authorized distributors (travel agencies).

CFR Călători recommends to passengers, so that the train journey in heatwave conditions goes without incident, especially for people with increased sensitivity to heat or who cannot stand high temperatures due to medical conditions:

  • to constantly hydrate and have at least one bottle of water in the luggage;
  • to have the necessary medication for the conditions they have, in case of need;
  • to immediately alert the train staff if they feel unwell during the journey or if they notice a person in need of help, so that the train journey in conditions of high temperatures and even heat can proceed without incident, especially for people with increased sensitivity to heat or cannot tolerate high temperatures due to medical conditions.

For up-to-date information on train movements, offers or fares, travelers are asked to consult the company's website, the section Internal Traffic Train Travel, to contact us at the phone number 021/9521 (for domestic traffic), at the phone numbers from the CFR railway stations published on the website in the section TELEPHONE INFORMATION or to contact our staff at the stations.

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