Travel with STB and Metrorex is becoming more expensive. See what the new rates are!

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We come with sad news for the people of Bucharest. Authorities have announced an increase in the cost of travel with STB and Metrorex. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announces that from August 1, Metrorex and STB will harmonize their commercial offer, as a first step towards the integration of public transport in Bucharest and the metropolitan area. Currently, joint tickets provide 90-minute access to the overhead network, along with access to the subway network.

STB increases the price of travel from 1.3 lei to 3 lei

A trip by subway or land public transport will cost 3 lei, and a joint STB / Metrorex ticket will be 5 lei. This means that from August 1, Bucharest residents will pay 3 lei for an STB trip, increasing from 1.3 lei. The same price will be for a subway trip, increasing from 2.5 lei at present. But there will also be the possibility that, for 5 lei, a passenger will benefit from a subway trip and 90 minutes in land public transport. A 24-hour subscription will cost 8 lei, and the common STB / Metrorex subscription for 24 hours will be 14 lei.

The novelty of the 24 and 72 hour subscriptions is that they will be exactly 24 hours from the moment of issue. The notion of "day" subscription is eliminated, which, bought at 18:00, for example, was valid only 6 hours from that "day".

A subway trip will cost 3 lei

There will be one month, 6 months and 12 months subscriptions. Their prices will be 80 lei separately for STB and Metrorex (140 lei jointly STB / Metrorex), 400 lei separately for STB and Metrorex (700 lei jointly STB / Metrorex), respectively 700 lei separately for STB and Metrorex (1200 lei jointly STB / Metrorex).

Both companies offer the possibility of recovering nominal subscriptions in case of loss. Holders can present their identity card, and subscriptions will be issued again in their name.

Both the Minister of Transports and Infrastructure, Cătălin Drulă, and the General Mayor of Bucharest, Nicușor Dan, encourage the people of Bucharest to opt for a public transport by land and by subway. As in all European capitals, public transport is a solution to traffic relief and a less polluting alternative to car traffic.

We do not escape the crowds

From personal experience, the major problem is that prices will rise ahead of services. Let us remember that 90% of surface transport does not have air conditioning, does not arrive on time and does not offer the European comfort mentioned by the authorities. At the same time, the ground infrastructure is destroyed, at least when we talk about tram lines.

Yes, it is a vicious circle for public transport in Bucharest. It does not modernize the services because it has no money and it does not have money because the tariffs are low. With the increase in tariffs, do you think that something will change overnight? For Bucharesters it will be just an extra expense. At the same time, many go only 1-2 stops, go to the market or to the nearest subway station. For 5 minutes of sauna also 3 lei will be paid.

This is not how public transport is encouraged. Let me remind you that 60-70% of those who travel with STB are retirees, students, people who can not afford more? Do you want to charge them 3 lei for a station? Those who drive will not be encouraged to pay more for the same services as before. In conclusion, we do not escape the infernal traffic in Bucharest.

There are too few who will enjoy the STB / Metrorex combination and for which it will be worth the cost of 5 lei for 90 minutes.

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