Rural tourism was the number 1 choice of Romanians from 1 Mai

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Despite the bad weather, rural tourism represented the number 1 of Romanians, as number of tourists, during the period 1-4 May. Occupancy varied between 50 and 95%, depending on the region.

"If initially about 35.000 reservations were confirmed, the number of tourists who chose the pensions doubled in the last hundred meters. This is a normal trend, given that the initial weather forecasts were not the most favorable. Some tourists gave up other destinations in favor of rural tourism, and others decided a few days before. On the other hand, it mattered a lot that the Romanians benefited from 4 days off ", underlines Mişu Chiruc, executive president of the National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism - ANTREC.

Turismul rural de 1 mai
Rural tourism since May

According to ANTREC, the orientation of Romanian tourists towards pensions has two reasons. First and foremost, more and more Romanians are opting for traditions, tranquility and a special natural setting. On the other hand, at present there are over 6000 of authorized pensions in almost all regions of the country, being extremely accessible for tourists. Bucharest people choose Bran-Moieciu area, Cluj-Napoca - Maramures or Apuseni area, Iasi-Neamt and Bucovina.

The Danube Delta registered, for about 100 of pensions in the area, an occupancy rate of about 60%.

"The weather was still favorable and let's not forget that in April-May we witness the spectacle of the return of migratory birds. Tourists opted for excursions in the Letea forest, in Caraorman, Sf. Gheorghe, Sulina and were able to admire the lush fauna and vegetation ", says Silviu Gheorghe, president of ANTREC - Tulcea branch.

In Brasov county, the pensions registered an occupancy rate between 90 and 95%, the most requested region being Bran - Moieciu - Fundata.

"Most tourists chose 3 nights of accommodation, from Thursday to Sunday. As entertainment activities, they opted for hiking, cycling or cart rides or for picnics at the edge of the forest ", says Mioara Stoian Vişan, president of ANTREC - Brasov branch.

The most requested areas of rural tourism, for the period 1 Mai, were Bran - Moieciu - Founded, Bucovina, Neamt, Vrancea, Maramureş, northern Oltenia, Mărginimea Sibiului, Apuseni but also the Danube Delta.

The program «Holiday in the country» is resumed for the period 4 May - 13 June

Sunday, 4 May, once the miniseries end of 1 May, resumes the XXIII edition of the special program “Country holidays”, which will end on 13 June. As every year, this program is initiated and organized by National Association of Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism - ANTREC. Romania. The recipients of the program are all categories of tourists, who have the opportunity to discover the life of the village, the traditions of the respective places, the specific hospitality of this type of tourism and last but not least, they can serve a traditional meal with dishes specific to each area they will opt for.

National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) proposed its use also through the member travel agencies, as last autumn.

Here are the tariffs applied by the pensions for the current edition of the program “Country holidays”:
- pensions of 2 daisies - 175 lei / person
- pensions of 3 and 4 daisies - 225 lei / person
- pensions of 5 daisies - 290 lei / person

The price includes 5 nights accommodation in a double room, the first night of accommodation being for Sunday. The stay will end on Friday. Each guesthouse participating in this program will offer breakfast from the house.

Reservations can be made directly at the pension, through the ANAT member agencies, through the ANTREC branches
We remind that all the events and programs of ANTREC this year are under the auspices of "ANTREC Romania on the 20 Anniversary of Years - We keep the traditions", As well as the 10 years since the establishment of the specialized magazine"Country holidays".

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