Israeli tourists come with charter flights on the Romanian coast

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Monday, 7 July, at 22.00 hours, on Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport - Constanţa - will land the first charter race for the Romanian coast with Israeli tourists of Meshek Wings Tours Ltd - one of the first 10 tour operators in Israel - operated by the company Blue Air.

Until today, over 1000 of Israeli tourists purchased 7 nights stays for Mamaia resort, from the Romanian coast, through Meshek Wings Tours Ltd. The series of charters will run throughout the summer season. The occupancy rate for the scheduled flights is about 80%.

“If there is more animation on the Romanian Coast and, obviously, if our tourists this year are satisfied with the quality of the product, next year we will organize more weekly flights to Constanta. The Romanian Riviera has potential, and this year will be decisive for attracting the Israeli market. I recall that, from Israel, for the Bulgarian coast, weekly 12 charter races are organized, and for Greece, how many 12 charter flights for Crete, respectively 12 for Rhodes. I started a little later than I announced the series of charters for the Romanian coast because the weather was not at all favorable in June, and the tourists carefully analyze the weather forecasts. On the other hand, we know that the months of July and August will be hot, so we do not think that we will have climate problems, ”stresses Meidan Butnaru, commercial director of Meshek Wings Tours Ltd.

Israeli tourists prefer 4 star hotels, with their own swimming pool and modernized or new ones, from Mamaia and North Mamaia. They choose half board services and also opt for hotels near the beach.

Unfortunately, at present Romania does not carry out a strong campaign to promote tourism in Israel, although this state has almost 1 million Romanian speakers and a very large potential as a broadcasting market. The tourist destination Romania is not yet well known in Israel, and representatives of tour operator Meshek Wings have made the promotion on their own. According to Meidan Butnaru, the partnership with Blue Air proved to be successful for Romanian tourism. Both central and local authorities need to understand the importance of a target market, such as Israel, for the Romanian coastline in particular and for Romanian tourism in general.

After all, incoming, which is the part of receiving tourism, is an export form and can support both the economy and the image of Romania. Obviously, tourists from important markets, such as Israel, must be attracted by promotional campaigns and subsequently received with the smile that characterizes hospitality and maintained by quality and correct services. International tour operators require promptness and respect only from the authorities and service providers in Romania, the tourist relationship between two countries can only bring benefits.

The Israeli tour operator plans for 2014, also bringing 3.500 of tourists on city break programs for Bucharest, which started to run through charter flights operated by Blue Air since May - a premiere both on the Israeli market and in general, for the Romanian capital. On the Prahova Valley, Meshek will bring at least 2.500 of tourists, and on the coast it estimates an 2000 number of tourists. All of these programs were designed under the leadership of Meshek Wings Sales Manager Meidan Butnaru, along with his team.

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