Turkish Airlines has acquired the 75 Next Generation Boeing 737

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At the end of April, Turkish Airlines received to the 75 Next Boeing 737 Next Generation, a Boeing 737-800. On April 26, 2014, it landed at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, being the newest Boeing aircraft in the Turkish fleet. Currently, the Turkish carrier's fleet comprises 105 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft (737-700. 737-800 and 737-900ER).

The Boeing 737-800 Next Generation it is the best selling, offering a good value for money per passenger in the range of single-aisle aircraft. Boeing celebrates this delivery shortly after delivered to 8000 B737.

In 2013, Turkish Airlines strengthened its partnership with Boeing and reaffirmed its admiration for the Boeing 737 family through a order worth 6.9 billion dollars at list price, comprising 40 of 737 MAX 8 units, 10 737 MAX 9 units and 20 of 737-800 Next-Generation aircraft (of which 17 are still available).

The evolution of Turkish Airlines is admirable, reaching an operational network made up of 248 destinations and 106 countries. It operates a fleet of 250 aircraft, of which about half are Boeing, including 15 Boeing 777-300ER.

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