Turkish Airlines to ground 40 Airbus planes due to GTF PW1100G engine problems!

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Turkish Airlines expects to ground 2024 to 40 Airbus aircraft in 45 due to new mandatory inspections of Pratt & Whitney (P&W) PW1100G turbofans (GTFs). Turkish Airlines, together with its low-cost subsidiary AJet, has a fleet of 66 aircraft from the Airbus A320neo family.

"Currently, we have approximately 20-25 aircraft on the ground, with the number expected to increase to 40-45 aircraft by the end of 2024 and early 2025.”, said the Turkish financial director, Murat Seker.

Seker also points to steps the carrier has taken to mitigate lost capacity. "Last year and this year we leased about 15-20 narrow body aircraft to compensate for this loss of capacity".

Seker also says that Turkish Airlines remains in discussions with Boeing about a major long-term fleet renewal and expansion plan. Turkey had hoped it could complete an order for 400 full-body and 200 widebody jets with Airbus and Boeing by mid-2023. While the completion of both orders has been delayed, Turkish Airlines in December announced commitments for 345 Airbus planes.

"We continue to communicate closely with Boeing regarding this order", says Seker. "We haven't been able to complete it yet. It is not just a negotiation between Turkey and Boeing, but also includes the engine manufacturers. It is a combined effort."

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