Turkish Airlines will receive 26 from Boeing aircraft this year

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For 2016, Turkish Airlines plans to receive 26 from Boeing aircraft: 6 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and 20 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft.

The Turkish operator is recognized for its vast network of destinations and countries, but also for the progressive growth recorded in recent years. The company of the year in Europe was voted and ranks among the top airlines in the world.

26 of Boeing aircraft

Turkish Airlines 737

By receiving new aircraft, Turkish Airlines will continue to expand on long routes, but also on short and medium routes. Boeing 737-800 NG is one of the best single-aisle aircraft, and Boeing 777-300ER is recognized for its reliability on long-haul flights.

Turkish Airlines and Boeing have a long history business relationship, started in 1945, with the arrival of the first DC-3 and C-47 aircraft.

Turkish Airlines entered the era of 1960 jetliners, when the company began operating on DC-9, DC-10 and Boeing 707 aircraft.

Over the years, Turkish Airlines has owned fleet and aircraft from the Boeing 727, 757, MD-80 families.

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