Types of slots in online casinos in Romania


Since online slots attract the attention of many players in Romania, casinos have come to list a large number of software providers, and they come with a large number of varied slots. At a famous online casino in Romania, MagicJackpot, you have access to over 700 slots, for example. 

Since there is a wide variety of slots, it wouldn't hurt to know what each of the basic categories represent. In this article we offer you details about the most popular types of online slots, widely played in Romania. 

Types of slots according to the number of reels

The number of reels is a basic aspect of the structure of a game grid. The most common are the 3 or 5 reel slots. 3-reel slots are, most often, classic slots. Besides these, less often, but still can be found, slots with 6 or 7 reels. There are also slots with 8 and more reels. 

Although some players believe that the winning odds and RTP of the slot are directly dependent on the number of reels, this is not true. Some 5-reel slots, for example, can give you higher winning chances than other 8-reel slots and more. 

Regardless of the number of reels, many online slots also come with special features, including bonus games. These games come in addition to Magic Jackpot no deposit bonus, as it offers good chances to either obtain additional earnings or increase the value of the earnings already obtained. 

Special game types 

As additional games, some online slots offer their players mini-games but with generating generous winnings. Here are some special games that you are likely to encounter when playing online slots at casinos in Romania. 

  • EGT Card Games – an additional game, in which you will have to guess the color of the cards (they are turned face down). If you guess, you will double your winnings. 
  • Gamble feature – this feature allows you to double your winnings. You only need to win in the additional game that will be played. 

Special games are usually run on the action of special symbols. See below for symbols that can trigger additional games and also offer generous bonuses.

Slots with bonuses

Most of the online slots available today offer their players bonuses – otherwise, they would not be competitive with other casino titles. Usually the symbols that give intra slot bonuses are: 

  • Wild Symbols – these symbols have the ability to substitute for any other symbol except the Scatters symbol
  • Scatters symbol – although it does not have the same property as the Wild symbol, namely the Scatters symbol can trigger additional games.

How do you choose the right slot? 

To choose the right slot, you can first analyze its volatility. If you want a game with a slightly higher winning frequency, but without winnings much higher than the stake value, go for less volatile slots. Another aspect worth analyzing here – the RTP of the slot. After that, consider the theme of the slot – will you enjoy playing the online slot made in that theme? Afterwards, also analyze the game mechanics – is it comfortable to play? Once you find a title with a positive answer to the questions mentioned above, a smart decision would be to start playing in demo mode. This way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the slot without putting your own funds at risk. 

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