Last flights with Boeing 747-400 Delta

Delta has scheduled the last commercial flights operated with Boeing 747-400. These will be operated on the Detroit - Seoul-Incheon route.

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Unfortunately for aviation enthusiasts and Boeing 747-400 lovers, this type of aircraft is withdrawn from commercial service. United operated the last flight with Boeing 747-400 on November 7. Delta is next to operate the last flights with jumbojet.

Last flights with Boeing 747-400 Delta

According to the information provided by Delta, the last commercial flights with Boeing 747-400 will be honored between December 15-17, on the Detroit - Seoul-Incheon route.

15 December: DL159 Detroit (DTW) 12: 31 → 16: 30 (+ 1) Seoul (ICN)
17 December: DL158 Seoul (ICN) 11: 15 → 10: 14 Detroit (DTW)

After the commercial flights, Delta will also operate a special tour - special employee farewell tour - which will include the airports: Paine Field, Everett (December 18); SeaTac International Airport; Los Angeles (December 20).

Delta initially announced it would operate Boeing 747-400 flights on the route: Detroit - Seattle on 18 December, Seattle - Atlanta on 19 December and Atlanta - Minneapolis-St. Paul on 20 December. During this tour, Delta employees and officials can say goodbye to the Boeing 747-400.

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