An Airbus A321 FlyNiki was "shot" at the Vienna airport

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Now, after the great football event in Bucharest has passed, we can return to our regular activities. On 6 May, an incident occurred at the Vienna airport. An Airbus A321-200 aircraft, operated by FlyNiki, suffered major malfunctions after being "knocked down" by the bell of a gate. The aircraft, with the flight code HG-2715, made the Malaga - Vienna flight.

According to official information, it appears that the aircraft landed safely and everything was ok until the landing gate C41, where the bell tower suddenly rose with 1.5m and pulled the plane after him. The plane door broke and it fell to the ground from a height of 20 cm. Theoretically it is not too high, but for an airplane it matters.

Subsequently, the landing was made through the back door, and passengers said they were ok. Only one passenger (a woman 76 years old) was diagnosed with coccyx fracture.

The incident was caused by a sensor that caused the bell to rise 1.5m, all with aircraft.

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