An Airbus A340 China Eastern - Go Around

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Earlier this month, colleagues from CaPlaneSpotting surprised one Airbus A340 China Eastern Airlines in the procedure "Go Around„. As it prepared to land at Los Angeles Airport (LAX), an Airbus A330 Hawaiian aircraft was in the process of taking off. In such situations, it is good to avoid the whistle!

Go Around Procedure it means that the aircraft ready to land must return to the flight position and take another preparatory tour for landing. There are several situations when the procedure begins: due to weather conditions, runway problems, the landing gear is not open at the normal position, too high speed in the landing process, etc. The initiation of the Go Around procedure may be required by an air traffic controller or may be started at the initiative of the pilot of the aircraft.

It is normal and there are procedures for such maneuvers. If you happen to live such an experience, don't panic!

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  1. Master Ra says

    We lived, and it's not pleasant at all, especially since we were seeing a hellish flight from Saigon, and we caught a hurricane and they kept us in the 4.30 belt, including cabin crew. Because of the hurricane I was late in Frankfurt! The descent from 12000 meters began, and when it reached 8000 it started to go around!

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